Event App Ideas

Your company can use Fliplet to rapidly produce apps that support your events. Fliplet can help you engage with your audience by:

Creating kiosk apps for trade shows

Build an engaging iPad app that shows off your company. iPads can be placed in stands or actively demonstrated by staff to educate and to highlight key information about your company to passers by.

Integrate clear calls to action to encourage event attendees to interact with your app and capture data from users. The entire app will work seamlessly both offline and online ensuring your users receive a great experience at all times.

Exhibiting event information in apps

During events people expect to be able to use their iPads to look up event information such as the agenda, speaker biographies, floor plans, sponsors information, etc. With Fliplet you can create cost effective event apps that offer all this information.

Using Fliplet your app can include text, video, images and data capture forms to support your app and improve attendees experience. Your app could include a survey, video of speakers and even an introduction video of the organizers. It can even be updated daily with content from the previous day including text, video, and links to relevant web sites.

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Other app ideas

Fliplet can be used for a range of purposes, find out more about how your company could use Fliplet for sales, training and marketing.