Marketing App Ideas

Marketing apps with Fliplet Your company can use Fliplet to rapidly produce marketing apps. Fliplet can help your marketing by:

Packaging your product material together into an app

In a single app, your business can promote all of its products or services. Whether you have a single product or many, Fliplet can scale to meet your needs.

With Fliplet you can produce different sections of your app which users can choose to review or skip. This offers marketers the ability to produce an app that appeals to a wide audience but doesn’t require all users to wait for a large app to download. Fliplet also can instantly push new changes to your audience and notify them of new product updates. It will keep you ahead in a competitive market.

Examples of Fliplet Marketing apps:

Promoting your company’s credentials and case studies

Your company needs to stand out, with Fliplet you can create an engaging experience using video, audio, images, and more.

Transferring content from existing formats to Fliplet is as easy as copying and pasting. Our system supports all standard web formats therefore making it very easy to produce an app that is inline with your current marketing materials.

Producing a tool for your business

Need to convey new product information or marketing campaign information to colleagues in an engaging and efficient way? Fliplet makes it easy to secure content so only certain people can access it.

Each section of an app can be limited to specific users by a password therefore enabling Fliplet to be used for both public and private purposes at the same time.

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Other app ideas

Fliplet can be used for a range of purposes, find out more about how your company could use Fliplet for sales, training and events.