Sales App Ideas

Your company can use Fliplet to rapidly produce apps that support your sales process. Fliplet can help you sell by:

Providing company overview and credentials

Create an impressive app that outlines your company does. Include your organization’s history and build knowledge of your business in an interactive way.

Include interactive information to engage the user and encourage them to review other pieces of information such as your products and services.

Examples of sales apps using Fliplet:


Showcasing your products using a sales app

Create an impressive and memorable experience for your customers by using Fliplet. Engage your customers by showing information on the iPad: share the device with your customers, encourage positive emotions when they swipe, tap, and interactive with your app.

Using Fliplet you can create interact product overviews, data capture forms for lead information, and show videos confidentially even when offline.

Creating portfolios

Demonstrate all the work you’ve done. Use Fliplet to include text, images, video and audio about your work. As you show clients, quickly capture what information they expressed interest in and associate it with their contact details at the end of the process.

The iPad will make your images and videos look amazing, and Fliplet makes it easy to build professional portfolio apps.

Your app will sync captured data whenever it’s online so it can be displayed within the Fliplet Studio.

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Other app ideas

Fliplet can be used for a range of purposes, find out more about how your company could use Fliplet for marketing, training and events.