Training App Ideas

Your company can use Fliplet to rapidly produce training apps. Fliplet can help you with training and learning by:

Creating a self-assessment system

If you need to communicate information with a group of users, be they your customers or staff, Fliplet can help. Quickly upload content, include support materials such as images, video or links to web sites and a questionnaire at the end to capture the user’s understanding of a topic.

The self-assessment can be completed by users offline – next time they open the app online the questionnaire content will be sent to Fliplet’s servers for download and analysis.

Examples of training apps created with Fliplet:

Producing course support material

During a course it always helps to receive new information about the topic to help during study. Fliplet makes it easy for course convenors to use Fliplet to release new information to students throughout the course.

Convenors can create content, load materials such as video and audio, then link to relevant sources online ahead of publishing the support material to their Fliplet app.  Students receive push messages notifying them the app has been updated and all they need to do is load the app and download the update.

Convenors receive reports via Fliplet to show how many students are using the app and for what, enabling them to tailor their content to suit their students.

Other app ideas

Fliplet can be used for a range of purposes, find out more about how your company could use Fliplet for sales, marketing and events.