Fliplet Product Update: first apps launched

So it’s exciting (and busy!) times here at Fliplet Towers as the whole team is working hard to get Fliplet ready for public access. No one has yet slept on their desk but we have been semi-considering investing in one of these:

The ever so comfortable-looking office chair bed (Image courtesy of Gizmodo)

So here’s what we’ve been busy working on:

Woop, woop, we’ve launched our first apps!

Marriott, e-skills UK and Sky are all using Fliplet to create iPad apps. We’ll be giving more details soon – watch this space!

Be totally blown away by our awesome demo apps

If you’re excited to see what you could do with Fliplet and you can’t wait for your beta invite to arrive in the mail then take a look at some we made earlier without signing up.

All you need to do is download Fliplet Viewer on your iPad and then click on the Demo button to start playing!

If you haven’t got your iPad handy you can check out some images of the event programme app we created below:

Users can navigate the app via the main menu created with customized branding and icons

We created a visual-based agenda where users can tap to find out more information about each speaker

We created interactive speaker profiles including images, videos and links to their social profiles

Video is here

Our new video plugin is now live which means you can add videos to any text area. Videos can be viewed even when the iPad is not connected to the internet and therefore we don’t use precious bandwidth especially when off-site.

And in other news…

  • You will now be able to easily duplicate screens at the touch of a button in Studio (yes we don’t know why we didn’t think of that one before either!).
  • We’ve made a change so that app menus are automatically configured when you view your app on the iPad to make life much easier.
  • We’ve created a tutorial app which will help guide you through how to use the Fliplet Studio.

Sound exciting? Want to be part of the app revolution? Then why not sign-up for access to our private beta below: