iPad point of sale systems getting popular

With the recent announcement of a new successful funding round of $10.1 billion for Revel, a supplier of iPad point-of-sale solutions, and the launches of Groupon’s Breadcrumb Pro and the Square Register it’s clear that tablets as point-of-sale (POS) systems are becoming more and more popular.

Here at Silicon Roundabout we’ve noticed the trend as well particularly with the launch of #guardiancoffee and even in our favorite local coffee shop, the Shoreditch Grind, home to hipsters and arguably the best brew in town.

Shoreditch Grind switched from traditional iPad POS solutions six months ago. Their main problem with the traditional system was its complexity and how long it took employees to learn the system. They also found that mistakes were easily made which led to waste and disgruntled customers.

iPad POS solutions

iPad point of sale systems offer businesses a greater level of efficiency than traditional systems.

Since the launch of the new system they have noticed a real improvement in efficiency; checkout processing time has been reduced and mistakes have become much rarer. They can also store all the orders centrally which allows for easier data analysis and the time to onboard and train new staff on the new system was cut to almost nothing.

Installing iPad POS solutions over traditional systems also has the advantage of being relatively budget-friendly, particularly for a small business. For the cost of some iPads and the usually minimal cost of the POS app, you can quickly and easily set up your payment processing system. There are other advantages too – check out this post from Bluebird Global for a quick rundown of the top five.

Although of course there are disadvantages to this system: an iPad is still a desirable item so does run the risk of being stolen. It also requires a reliable WiFi connection to function correctly. And as a piece of equipment it can get broken or damaged easily particularly in a busy retail environment; this can be mitigated by fixing it to a POS stand or investing in some covers.

However these points aside, it seems like there are no major barriers to iPads and other tablets becoming more and more prevalent as POS systems in the future.