Flipboard review – Why it is one of my favourite apps

When I first got an iPad I installed the Flipboard app and quickly found myself returning to it daily. Here’s why I love it:

Flipboard’s beautiful yet simple interface

Right from the start, Flipboard shows you a full screen image and encourages you to swipe to start. Swiping is the primary form of navigation in Flipboard (or flipping as I’m sure they’d like you to think) and you’re encouraged to swipe through most of the app’s interfaces. It’s an easy and beautiful way of browsing content and one that is universally understood due to books and magazines.

flipboard review

Once you begin reading content, swiping page after page is almost so natural and easy you forget how long you’ve been reading. Thankfully, after about an hour or so I tend to reach the end of the section I’m browsing (even Flipboard has its limits). At this point I often notice it’s late and I should be going to sleep or doing something else.

Flipboard also progressively loads content as you’re reading. So you can start reading immediately and content will continue to load as you continue to read. This helps to make the reading seamlessly as there are no breaks to slow you down.

Flipboard’s integration with social media

Initially I found Flipboard fun to swipe through and play with. But it really got me hooked when I connected it to my social media accounts when it really convinced me that Flipboard was an amazing app:

    1. The ability to view my Twitter and Facebook timeline as if it were a magazine. All links to webpages and photos are displayed so my iPad’s screen is full of content. It makes it easier for me to keep up with the torrent of social media quickly by exposing more content on each screen and making it fast to swipe through.
    2. The ability to click on anything and engage with it – whether its a conversation, a web page or a gallery. Once I am viewing it in detail I can reply, like or retweet. This means I can stay engaged on social media with far less effort and show appreciation when my network post or discuss something I’m interested in.

Flipboard’s endless new content

flipboard reviewI love Flipboard because it has seeming endless content – particularly great for Saturday afternoons when I am looking for something relaxing to read. It has a wide range of topics from cars to interior design, content from sites such as Forbes and Guardian, and recently they added the ability for users to curate their own topics. All of these are packaged into magazines available via built in search and recommendations.

Only one downside – available online only

Flipboard, due to the sheer level of information available within it, does not work offline. I believe they are beginning to add offline support but I fear it will never be perfect. Therefore Flipboard will never be my long journey on a train or plane companion app.

So there it is, my dirty little app addiction is out – Flipboard is the main reason I use my iPad daily and it my preferred method for browsing social media. It’s the reason I’d replace my iPad immediately if it ever stopped working. I miss Flipboard when I can’t use my iPad.

Have you tried Flipboard? What do you like or not like about it?

What app can’t you do without?