New feature: Charts

We’ve just launched a brand new charts feature for Fliplet that will make it really easy to include charts and graphs in your apps.

How do I use it?

You will find the option to add a chart in the normal text editor interface:

Chart button

You can add and customize a whole range of charts including pie, donut, bar, column, line, area and scatter:

You will then be able to add your data. By default you will be given two columns and three rows – if you want to add more, you can do so by clicking on the table icon and selecting “Add column” or “Add row”.

Click the “Settings” menu you can customize your chart title, axes labels and whether you want the columns to be stacked or not:

If you want to change the default colors (which you will probably want to!) the option can be found on the “Settings & Design” menu:

Then once you’re ready, preview your beautiful chart on your mobile device:

Let us know what you think of Fliplet’s new charts feature in the comments!