New feature: Image editor

It’s pretty widely agreed that beautiful images are important in making an app look professional. After speaking to some Fliplet users to find out what they thought would improve the Fliplet experience we realised that making image editing easier was a top priority. Therefore based on this we’re proud to bring you the brand new image editor!

Where to find it

Click on any open content area to add an image. After uploading the image you will find an Edit option which will open the image editor. Images could also be edited again after they have been inserted into the app by clicking on the image and then on the Edit option.fliplet-image

The new image editor

It’s amazing how one thing can make a process faster. The new image editor enables you to do so much more with your app. Apart from the basic crop, rotate, brightness and resize options found in Image editors, it lets you add frames, stickers and wide range of effects.Some of the features I like include:


The resize option lets you scale your image up or down. What I really like is how the recommended dimensions are given at the top of the editor and therefore acts as a guide. This simplifies resizing a lot!


Apart from letting you manually crop the image to your desired size, the editor gives you the recommended size which shows how it’ll fit into the image space on the app template. Also, as you know the required dimensions for your image to fit properly, you could first resize the image to dimensions as close as possible and then use the crop feature to adjust this.


As an Instagram lover, I really appreciate having a wide range of effects to choose from. The image editor has 19 pretty cool effects/filters for you to choose from.


I think this is one of the coolest features. It lets you focus on a specific portion of the image and give it color while the other parts of the image remain black and white.


These add more fun to your image! Stickers can be chosen to match your target market, change in season or just based on personal decision.stickersWell go ahead and give it a try! What’s your favorite feature of the image editor?