Ford uses sales iPad apps

sales ipad appsRecently I came across the following video explaining how Ford are using sales iPads apps to assist sales staff. Primarily the features Ford has focussed on are:

  • An interactive car purchase experience where the customer and the sales person work together
  • Sharing content with the customer so they review the information with other decision makers
  • Filtering cars by features important to the customer
  • Rich data set including videos for all of the features available on Ford’s cars
  • Detailed data for 6 cars and access to all the cars in the car yard to find what may be of interest to the customer quickly

Ford really does harness the power of an iPad and seamlessly enables the customer to explore the features of Ford’s cars inside the showroom or from within a car on the car yard.

Could a Fliplet app offer this level of functionality? Definitely. Fliplet is designed to be a very flexible app management platform with some big brands such as Sky and Marriott using it to produce and promote apps for use within their companies. Marriott have also enabled their customers to install their app on their own iPads.

To confirm if Fliplet can help you, get in touch to request a demo. Recently we launched our sales app template for all new accounts which makes it easy to start building your own sales app with Fliplet.