Puma now use an iPad for sales support

iPad for salesiPads are beginning to become a common cross-over device; they can be used like a computer in an isolated way, or they can be used collaboratively by multiple people. Collaboration around smartphones and tablets is what’s really exciting the team at Fliplet, we think it’s the future of all sales processes.

As the video below shows, Puma use an iPad for sales processes support, enabling customers and staff to work together and mix the virtual with the real world. Puma brings real-world materials which customers can then select in the iPad app to produce customized trainers.

The experience isn’t a normal, boring sales process. It doesn’t involve looking at brochures, filling in forms or the customer telling the sales assistant what they want. This process involves customers playing, trying new things and the sales assistant supporting the customer to ensure they are having a good time and can engage with the purchase process.

Instant gratification is also delivered through an on-screen virtual shoe which the customer can rotate to see what their finished trainer will look like. This increases the customer’s interest and emotional connection.  It helps the customer to form a relationship with the product before its been made and offsets the disappointment the customer may feel by not being able to leave the store with their new trainers immediately.

My only suggestion to Puma would be to investigate augmented reality. I want to be able to virtually wear my new trainers around the store. I want to see them on my feet and how they would look when I strut.  That would really make me excited to get my new trainers!