7 top trends from Mobile World Congress 2014

Team Fliplet were lucky enough to be at Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona – it was an amazing opportunity to see all the latest mobile technology (as well as enjoy delicious tapas!).

For those of you who couldn’t make it we’ve put together the top MWC 2014 trends we noticed from the conference:

1. Enterprise mobile security

MWC 2014After years of companies solely focussing on consumer devices it’s clear that most big companies now see business users as a key growth market. Samsung had their Knox security system for their mobile devices and there were lots of Mobile Device Management solutions from carriers and companies to help keep company data on mobile devices safe. It’s great to see this trend as it will help Fliplet to securely offer solutions to our clients.

2. Mobile development tools

We noticed an increase in the number of mobile development solutions trying to make production of mobile apps easier for developers and designers. It looks like all large IT companies now have a solution in the marketplace or have partnered with an existing solution. Surprisingly there were no solutions specializing in self-serve enterprise mobile solutions other than Fliplet, although there were consulting firms trying to partially meet this need.

3. Mobile and Cloud solutions

MWC 2014
All large IT firms were promoting mobile and cloud solutions as their primary form of innovation and citing explicit use cases such as retail, logistics or data. Most solutions were extensive and utilised multiple technologies to offer unique customer or analytical solutions making use of geolocation, mobile apps, cloud, big data and other forms of existing company data.

4. Mobile persona management

Carriers were offering the ability to switch enterprise devices between enterprise or personal mode. This looks to be an interesting trend although the technology has some limitations when used offline. This is definitely an interesting technology and one to watch!

5. Wearable technology

Samsung and Sony announced new wearable technology along with Oral-B launching a smart electric toothbrush. These devices are getting smarter all the time and soon I suspect very few aspects of our lives will not have a device monitoring them.

MWC 2014

Connected cars were another noticeable feature of MWC

6. Big tablets

MWC 2014Samsung launched a 12″ tablet cited as a great work solution which enables multiple applications to be run on screen at the same time, virtual desktops to keep apps organized by function and a stylus for creative input.

7. New mobile phones

Curved and larger displays were the primary enhancement to the latest mobile devices. Don’t expect your new smartphone to fit in a standard pocket!

Big name speakers

Finally, MWC had to popular speakers presenting and you can watch their videos now:

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of the MWC 2014 trends we found.