Finding the right apps to support mobile workflows

Unlike desktop software, mobile apps tend to have a single specific function. The best and most popular apps tend to offer only one main feature or benefit and they do it exceptionally well.

This provides a challenge when it comes to mobilising business workflows that contain multiple different actions and stages. Identifying exactly which apps will support each stage of the workflow as well as enable your employees and colleagues to efficiently perform a variety of tasks on their mobile devices is no easy task.

mobile workflows

For this reason one of our partners Good Technology, a mobile security company, has launched a website to make it easier for companies to determine the best apps for their workflow. The website is aptly named ‘Good Workflows’, which hosts the touch-enabled application called the ‘Good Workflow Builder.’

Using the workflow builder a visitor can browse a number of existing mobile workflows or create their own workflows by selecting a series of tasks designed to mobilize their business processes. Once the workflow has been defined, the user can request a PDF that provides a view into the different mobile apps supported by Good Technology’s mobile security platform, Good Dynamics.

An example workflow shown on the site and common for most sales staff is having a client digitally sign an agreement and then supplying the client with a digital copy. This workflow includes the mobile apps that could perform each step of the process as well as the required actions to perform within the software such as copy & paste from one app to another.

Workflow: Obtain signed statement of work from client

mobile Workflows

The website is very easy to use and is the first of its kind we have seen. Not only does it act as a good site for documenting mobile workflows, it also doubles as a reference site for mobile workflow best practice. Visitors can contribute their own flows which will undoubtedly lead to Good Workflows becoming a great reference that for a wide range of companies while driving engagement for apps that are hard to find using conventional app store searches.

We look forward to Fliplet being featured within relevant flows on the Good Workflows site soon where visitors to the site will learn not only when Fliplet could benefit their business as well as what other mobile apps could be used to create a suitable mobile app workflow.