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An enterprise app about enterprise apps

Here at Fliplet HQ we strongly believe that all businesses can be doing more with mobile. To help we decided to put together an app – not only because we love a good app (which we do!) but because it’s the best way to deliver what we hope is going to be a valuable resource about enterprise mobility and app development.

The Fliplet Insights app is aimed specifically at the non-technical, we will not be talking Ruby, JS or Objective-C, but instead focussing on how to enable anyone in the business to create and share their own apps (with or without using Fliplet).

What’s included in the Fliplet Insights app

The app features:

  • talks and presentations from our previous Fliplet Insights events from great speakers including Deloitte, IBM, Cognizant, OxygenAccelerator and of course a few from us too
  • handy guides to creating and sharing your own apps
  • inspirational app ideas
  • case studies from Fliplet demonstrating enterprise apps in action
  • information about free upcoming Fliplet Insights events and how to attend

You can install the app for free on your smartphone or tablet by clicking the relevant link:

Download for iOS »
Download for Android »

And that’s not all

The app will keep evolving as we continue to add new resources. When you open the app you may be prompted to download updates, these will contain new content. If there’s a particular topic you want us to cover you can let us know within the app and we’ll add it to the list. We look forward to hearing what you think!