Event apps: 6 standout features you need to include

Nearly all large conferences now offer an event app and with the emergence of easy app development solutions like Fliplet we’re sure we will soon be seeing them available for smaller internal events and meetings as well.

They offer a great way for you to communicate with event attendees directly to their mobile devices and offer attendees the advantage of being able to consult event info wherever they are (like on the way to venue when they need to know the exact address!)

For that reason nearly all event apps include the obvious information (speaker profiles, venue address etc) but there are additional features that you can add to your next app to really take advantage of the mobile format, increase attendee engagement during the event and allow you to prolong your interaction with attendees even after the event is finished.

1. Surveys and polls

Allow your attendees to feedback directly from their mobile devices – maybe even give them the opportunity to vote in real-time on the current presentation or related industry questions. Not only will this give you useful feedback for organising the content of future events but may also give you statistics you can use for PR or other content marketing activities.

2. Competitions

Create an in-app competition that can happen in real-time during the event. Ideas could include a exhibition scavenger hunt where attendees have to find items hidden on different stands (a great way of encouraging them to explore the exhibitors’ area) or a photo competition for the most iconic images taken during the event.

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Great idea from Mobile World Congress where winning photos from attendees were painted onto the wall during the event – you might be able to spot a familiar Facebook CEO…

3. Attendee messaging

Promote networking and engagement by giving your attendees the ability to message each other – this could be by including a Twitter feed filtered by the event hashtag or by incorporating your company’s corporate messaging software for an internal event.

4. Note-taking

Allow attendees to take notes on each presentation or workshop directly in the app with the option to save as a collated PDF or to email to themselves after the event.

5. Analytics

Add Google Analytics or another tracking software to your app to ensure that you can monitor usage, measure success and refine your app based on the data.

6. Document library

Including an easy way to browse and access all the content from your event (presentations, PDFs, related blogposts etc) increases the likelihood that attendees will keep the app as a valuable resource and make it easier for you to contact them for future events.

best event apps

For our latest Fliplet Insights event we included our event information as part of an app which also contained enterprise app resources and how-to guides which (hopefully!) our attendees would find helpful in their enterprise app development projects.

Most event apps are pretty basic at the moment so by including any one of these features your app is sure to stand out from the rest. Let us know it the comments if there are any other great features that you’ve seen in event apps or are planning to use in your own.

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