New feature: App template gallery

At Fliplet we believe that if companies have the means to create multiple apps without the barriers of long development times, high costs or the needs for technical resource then they can really start reaping all the benefits and efficiencies of a mobile business.

In order to help support this evolution we’ve just released a brand new Fliplet feature that is going to let companies create and manage multiple apps even more quickly and easily than before.

Now when you log into Fliplet we’ve revamped the interface and you’ll now have access to an app template gallery to help provide inspiration, promote best practise and allow you to create content-customized apps that are fit for purpose.


What’s new

  • You’ll now be able to choose from 20+ app templates of various types including sales & marketing, reporting, events, training, project management and communication
  • The templates were created through extensive research to follow best practice and market trends – new templates will be released regularly to suit common use cases
  • You now have the option to create company app templates; these can be pre-branded and pre-configured reducing the time it takes for users in your organization to create copies of common apps

I’d love to hear what you think of this feature so please get any touch with any feedback.