The Best Apps To Improve Collaboration: Part 2

53% of workers say that apps help them do their jobs better. One of the key areas that apps could have in impact is by facilitating collaboration.

There are now a number of great apps available on the market that can help support team collaboration both remotely and when in the office.

Continue reading our list of the top collaboration apps that we love at Fliplet:

Task management


Trello is an extremely intuitive and flexible task management app based on cards that can be moved across lists within a board. For example, a board can be created for To Dos, with three lists each labelled as ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’. Each task can be written on a card, which will be moved across boards as the task is completed. Simple yet effective.

Trello can be used for collaborative projects, with cards assigned to different people, color-coded and given due dates. Cards can also have sub-lists, notes, photos or files, and effectively be made as detailed as necessary.

Project management


Basecamp is simple, intuitive and yet incorporates everything you could possibly need for a collaborative project. The app includes a dashboard where all project activity occurs. Each user has access to their own profile and dashboard with information relevant to them.

With Basecamp, you can have the discussions, information, scheduling, task assigning and questions about a project all in one place. Users can log in to find out what’s new on their dashboard or they can opt to get email updates for activities of their choice. Another feature is a Catchup button that summarizes the day’s activity if you haven’t had chance to check in that day.



Flow is a tool for collaboration which is specifically designed in a simple, clean, organized and easy way, in contrast to other more complex solutions.

Flow allows you to plan projects by creating folders, adding in lists for each project component and including itemised tasks for each list.

Tasks can also be assigned to team members via email, with an activity log keeping all team members informed about which tasks are assigned to whom and what their progress is.


With Producteev you can create projects and have details and updates posted to all your team members.

Producteev is mainly based on a to-do list design that allows you to assign tasks to the other members. Members will be alerted every time you assign a new task or update an existing one.

Tasks can also be prioritised and given tags, so that team members can more easily find relevant ones. Team members can catch up with projects by tapping the ‘Activity’ button, which will display a feed with the latest updates.

Customer Relationship Management

The Sales Cloud by Salesforce

The Sales Cloud is a great tool for sales teams within a company. This tool allows them to keep a prioritised list of top leads with contact information and links to social profiles. Members can keep up-to-date with customer activity, communications and internal account discussions.

Managers can also set goals for their sales staff, give them coaching and provide feedback.

The Sales Cloud also encourages sales staff to do better by rewarding those who are performing best and by recognising top performers publicly.


Conference calls


The popular chat tool is actually a great resource for businesses, by helping employees communicate with colleagues all over the world.

Skype enables instant communication with up to 25 people, while with Skype Business this is extended to 250.

Another great feature of Skype is the ability to share your screen with other users during conversations, allowing you to visually communicate information.

Google Hangouts

  • iOS and Android
  • $5/user/month in combination with all other Google Apps for Work

Google Hangouts is a great alternative to Skype that can be used with your normal Google account or as part of Google’s “Apps for Work” business suite.

A free Google account will allow you to video-conference with up to 10 people on Google Hangouts, whereas a Work account has a higher limit of up to 15 people.

Hangouts is a great tool to allow remote employees to participate in meetings.

Does your team use any of these apps? If so, do you find them useful? Are there any we should add to the list?

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