The 13 Best Android Wear Apps

Shipments of smart wearables are expected to grow from 9.7 million in 2013 to 135 million in 2018, so there is certainly no doubt that smartwatches are going to become a sensation, and to define the next stages in the mobile device global market.

Although the smartwatch market is still at a relatively early stage of maturity, users are already able to download and use a wide variety of apps. App developers everywhere are realising that smartwatches are the future, and making sure that they don’t fall behind the competition, so many of these smartwatch apps are based on existing smartphone and tablet ones.

However, as more developers see the potential of smartwatch-specific apps new custom-built apps are emerging all the time.

Here is a list of the best Android Wear apps that we love at Fliplet.

The best Android Wear apps that you need right now

App launcher

Wear Mini Launcher

Mini Launcher is an indispensable app for Android Wear users.

Because of the way the Android Wear smartwatch is designed, it is necessary to do a certain amount of scrolling and swiping before an app can be launched. The Mini Launcher allows you to quickly launch any app by simply tapping on its icon. You can also access your settings with a double swipe.

Wear Mini Launcher is easily customisable to suit your needs, and will make your smartwatch experience much smoother.

Smartphone control

Toggles Wear

Toggles is a must have for Android Wear users. It allows you to control the settings on your mobile phone without having to take it out, for instance, if you’re in a plane and you forgot to set your packed-away phone in airplane mode.

Other controls include Wi-Fi, volume, Bluetooth, silent or vibrate mode and the torch. You can even check how much battery you have left on your mobile phone from your smartwatch, as well as how much data you have used.

An extra benefit is the ability to find your phone location if you have lost it.



Evernote for Android Wear syncs with your Evernote account to allow you to record or view notes in the most convenient place.

The app allows you to create notes through voice command and to check off to-dos by tapping your watch. To search your notes, all you have to do is speak the text.

You can also see relevant notes and content on your watch whenever you have a calendar event coming up.

The app also allows you to move seamlessly between your smartwatch and your Android mobile device, so that you can continue reading notes on your Android that you began reading on your smartwatch, or viceversa.

The strength of lies in its simplicity. All you can do is create lists on your smartphone, set reminders and change list colors. Simple yet effective.

You cannot create lists on your Android Wear app, but you can search and access your lists at any time. This is particularly convenient if you’re shopping and want to quickly check your list items.

Task management


Wunderlist is a popular To-Do list app that allows you to create lists according to categories, and check off items once they’re completed. Lists can be individual or shared. Wunderlist also provides notifications when a calendar event is coming up.

With your Android Wear app you can receive all notifications directly on your smartwatch, dictate replies to comments from others, and snooze a reminder if you’re running behind schedule.


Trello is a great app for productivity based on cards that can be moved across lists within a board. Each card corresponds to a task, and lists represent the stages at which tasks are.

Boards can be shared among employees, making for an extremely effective tool for collaboration. Cards can be given due dates and assigned to people

Trello for Android Wear allows you to create cards and reply to comments by dictation, and to receive due date reminders.

If someone comments on a card that you have subscribed to, or if they mention you in a comment, Trello will send a notification to your Android Wear smartwatch, so that you are always aware of what’s happening.

Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder is a handy app for recording sounds around you, whether it’s a conversation, song lyrics, a lecture or a meeting.

The app is quite comprehensive; apart from sharing, deleting and renaming audio notes, it also allows you to customize sound settings and to remove echos, background noise and silences.

The app syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to send the recordings straight there.


Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is a colorful and visually appealing app that you can use to check the weather on your Android smartwatch.

The app allows you to check the weather in three formats: next hour, next 48 hours and next week.

It is quite a comprehensive app, with historic weather data and multi language support.

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather is one of the favorite weather Android Wear apps out there: it is beautiful, comprehensive and has all the information you could possibly need.

1Weather provides real-time, 48-hour, 10-day, 36-hour and 7-day weather information, with temperature, precipitation information, maps, sunrise and sunset information and the list goes on. You can even share weather information with your friends via email or social media.

The Android Wear app is perfect for a quick glance of the weather, with current weather conditions and forecast information, several weather alerts and a live weather background.



Citymapper is one of the most popular transport apps.

It has a clear interface that gives you the fastest routes from A to B on a variety of transport mediums (driving, walking or public transport). It is an extremely comprehensive app that includes all the information you could possibly need about city transport.

The strength of the Android Wear app version is that it places this information in the most convenient location, so that public transport service alerts and other information can be quickly viewed from your wrist.

A nice feature is how it “nudges” you to let you know when you arrive at your destination.

Task automation


IFTTT is a popular app that allows you to automate tasks. This is done by creating a “recipe” that predetermines that if X happens (for example the weather forecast predicts rain), Y will happen (you will receive a message reminding you to take your umbrella).

The possibilities are endless and there are a great number of existing recipes online that users can browse and choose from.

The Android Wear app brings these benefits to your smartwatch and a great number of smartwatch specific recipes already exist online.



The Duolingo app is a great way to learn a language on the go. It works by asking you to answer language questions in short lessons, allowing you to absorb the language slowly but steadily.

The app works with a combination of images, spoken words and text and it allows you learn several languages: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch.

Although the Android Wear app doesn’t offer the full experience, it is a great way to practice on the go and between lessons by displaying flashcards to refresh your knowledge.


At work

At Work is a simple yet useful app to track the time that you’re spending at work. All you need to do is click when you enter and exit from work and the app will tell you how many hours you’ve worked that day.

It is an easy way to keep track of the number of hours you are working over weeks and months and a useful way of calculating overtime work.

The app also notifies you when you have finished your standard hours per day.

The Android Wear app brings these benefits to your smartwatch, allowing you to tap in and out of work in the most convenient way.

Do you use any of these apps? If so, do you find them useful? Are there any we should add to the list?

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