5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Next App Project

Fliplet’s CEO, Ian Broom, recently gave a presentation at one of our Fliplet Insights events covering techniques to ensure your next app project is a success. The slide deck and notes from his talk are below:

1. How do I get millions of users?

  • Be as specific with your target audience as possible
  • Be task oriented when creating the app
  • Select who you want to access your app

2. What’s the best size?

  • Different devices are used for different purposes
  • Don’t assume that your app is going to be on all sizes or devices

3. What guarantees the success of my app project?

  • Have a killer feature: give the consumer a reason to keep the app
  • Engagement: get rid of the toolbar so users are obliged to explore
  • Analytics: track which areas consumers are engaging with and which they are not

4. How do I keep control?

  • Decide how you are going to build the app
  • A strong business case helps in dealing with IT

5. What will ruin my budget?

  • Budget deconstruction: all stages of developing the app (Build, Refine/Update, Launch, Upgrade) entail costs to understand and build into your budget
  • Apple will reject things which will delay your launch plans

Discussion points

During the event attendees were asked the following questions and these are the answers they came up with:

What killer features are there in apps you use on a regular basis? What makes them so engaging?

  • Simple features: Swiping, zoom, location services, money saving, search terms
  • Complex features: Passbook/tickets, cross device app memory, remote control/remote record

How could an app generate ROI for your business?

  • Make content available across all devices
  • Increase efficiency by supporting employee activity
  • Capture data (via surveys, leads, etc.)

How would you promote an app to your colleagues or to your customers?

  • Through internal ambassadors/champions within the company who get excited about it and promote it