4 Ways You Can Use Apps To Generate Leads

Generating and tracking leads is an extremely vital part of a business and often it is not easy.

However, with the advent of mobile enterprise apps it is becoming easier than ever before to come up with innovative ways of generating leads.

By introducing apps as a core element of CRM strategies, companies can ensure that they capture and generate leads as efficiently and optimally as possible.

Not only will any form of lead generation app aid and accelerate what is an essential part of all businesses but it also offers new opportunities for data tracking and optimization based on user behavior and needs.

Here are some ways that you could be using a lead generation app to improve your CRM strategies.

1. Ask users to sign up to access app

Many apps ask users to sign up with an email address and password in order to access the content.

While this is sometimes necessary from a security perspective, it also provides companies with valuable user data.

A name and email address is often enough to allow companies to carry out further research, but other data such as company name, position and phone number could also be requested.

Tracking leads in this way also offers the opportunity to find out what high-scoring prospects are looking for by looking at their user behavior.

However, it is also important to bear in mind that asking users too much information can also be a barrier to app usage, reducing the amount of people willing to use the app.

2. Ask users to complete personal information

There are many other ways to encourage customers to enter personal information via the app. Interactive features such as personality tests, sweepstakes and trivia quizzes are great ways of doing this while delighting users.

Personal information can also be collected via feedback polls and surveys, which users can choose to complete at their own convenience.

Another way is to allow users to enquire about your product or service via your app, ensuring that their personal information becomes stored into your CRM system.

By giving users ample opportunity to introduce personal information, you can ensure that you get as full a picture as possible of leads.

lead generation app

3. Capture leads at events

Events are the ideal breeding ground for lead generation. A great way to capture lead data is via an event app.

Event apps can be personalised for any type of event, whether it’s a large conference or an intimate workshop.

Many events have their own apps and those that facilitate networking, for instance by enabling in-app messaging among attendees, are particularly useful for lead capture.

Many apps exist in the market that can make lead capture as easy and effective as possible, for instance by automatically assigning scores to leads and by tracking how a lead was acquired.

Some apps can even notify you when a high-scoring lead is in the vicinity thanks to GPS functionality.

Event apps need to be able to work offline in case of unavailability of WiFi, in which case the app can allow data to be stored in the device until it connects to the Internet.

4. Use tracking software

Finally, when it comes to apps tracking is King.

Tracking software within your app can help you record lead data by pulling in inbound leads from all channels and reporting on where they came from and their lead score.

It can even take things a step forward by also analysing how leads are engaging with the app. This information could prove valuable to optimize the app according to user behavior and needs.

By having all lead information on an app, sales staff can ensure that they always have this data at hand wherever they are. This could be particularly useful when attending meetings or following up on leads.

In conclusion

Mobile apps are great ways to assist sales staff with the capture and generation of leads, which is such a vital part of a business.

From requesting a simple sign up on your app to using apps to find leads at events, there is a myriad of ways that apps can help your business track and generate leads.

Do you use a lead generation app? Share your experience in the comments section below.