Best Apps For Planning Your Holiday: Part 2

Vacations are great once you’re there but unfortunately the organising can sometimes turn into a stressful experience. Which is why we’ve put together our list of the best mobile travel apps to help plan your trip – part 2 continues below:


Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor has the world’s most substantial collection of travel information, from hotel and destination reviews and ratings to photos and other information.

The app is great for helping you plan trips, from flights and hotels to restaurants and attractions.

Many people also use the app for inspiration, as it provides information on many new and interesting locations and attractions. It is therefore perfect for the casual traveller who doesn’t have a clear idea of what they want to do at a specific location.

However, if you also need information on how to get to your destination and where to stay, Trip Advisor can help you too. All you need to do is tell it when and where you want to go and the app will help you find a flight, hotel, etc.

The app also has great general travel tips from experts and travel enthusiasts.

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Foursquare, on the other hand, is specifically designed to find things near you via GPS.

It is therefore the perfect app for spontaneous moments when you find yourself unsure of what to do while on vacation.

From monuments and museums to shops and restaurants, the app covers every single location you could possibly be interested in.

The app also works if you want to plan your trip in advance, but its real strength lies in the element of spontaneity it allows.

You can also browse locations by categories, from Arts & Entertainment to Nightlife.

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For those out there prone to wanderlust, Findery is probably the app for you.

The app moves its attention away from mainstream destinations and attractions, opting instead for off-the-beaten-path destinations shared by other users.

Acting as a social discovery platform, users can browse the app to find tips about other users’ favorite spots, as well as personal stories attached to them.

This makes for an interesting and fun way to discover lesser known locations while connecting with other people out there.

Findery is probably not for everyone, but it will help many to make their trip all the more special.

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Getting you there

FlightTrack 5

  • iOS and Android
  • £3.20-£3.99

Flying is normally one of the most stressful parts of traveling – going to the airport, checking in your bags, getting through security, getting to your gate… the whole process normally takes hours.

It is therefore incredibly frustrating when something throws your schedule off, like unexpected weather conditions or delayed flights.

With FlightTrack 5, you can ensure that you remain up-to-date with all information relating to your flight, from departure times and gates to delays and expected weather conditions.

The app includes push notifications to let you know about changes to your flight or to remind you to leave for the airport.

All this can help you have a much more stress-free experience and to rest assured that you won’t miss your flight.

The app has some added quirks, such as being able to see your plan in real time on a map and finding out the plane’s speed and altitude.

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For those hitting the road, there’s an app for you too!

Roadtrippers is designed to plan and help you ensure that you make the most of your road trip.

To begin, all you need to do is enter your starting point and destination and the app will map the route.

Next, click on the “Places” tab to find recommendations for places along the road, from food and accommodation to attractions and entertainment.

Like with other apps, you can plan the trip in advance or you can pull up the app as you go to see what’s near you.

This can really help you enjoy your road trip as much as possible and ensure that you take advantage of the full possibilities of your route.

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Entrain is an app that most of us probably wish we had had at some point in our lives. We all know how detrimental suffering from jet lag can be when on vacation, particularly as it can suck up a lot of precious time that could be spent having fun.

Thankfully, you can now avoid jet lag altogether with this app. Following a scientific method, the app helps you come up with a schedule of light exposure to help you adjust to your new time zone quicker.

By following the instructions, you can ensure that your body clocks readjusts as quickly as possible so that you can avoid random afternoon naps and other inconveniences.

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Word Lens by Google Translate

Finally, an app to end all restaurant menu struggles. No more guesswork or accidentally ordering that meal that you actually hate.

Now a part of Google Translate, Word Lens allows you to translate foreign words by simply taking a photograph of the text with your smartphone.

Its uses are obviously many, as it can help anyone decipher important tourist or other information just by tapping the camera button.

This incredible app even works offline, making it possible to use it while away from a WiFi connection.

The days of language barriers are over!

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Are you using any of these apps? If so, do you find them useful?

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