What Are the Benefits of Mobile Apps for Your Business?

Every business these days would do well to embrace the digital age and all that comes with it. That being said, though most business owners seem to understand this on the surface, they rarely embrace everything that is available.

One excellent example of this is a mobile app. If your company isn’t currently providing its customers with mobile apps, then you only have yourself to blame for the competitive advantage you’re giving up.

benefits of mobile apps

The benefits of mobile apps

For those who aren’t yet convinced of what mobile apps have to offer, consider the following benefits.

You’re Always within Arm’s Reach

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days and the majority of us take them everywhere we go. This means your company currently has an unrivalled opportunity to never leave your customers’ sides.

Imagine the next time someone in your market is out and about. All of a sudden, they have a need for the service or product you provide.

If one of your competitors offers an app they can use, doesn’t it make sense that they would just reach for their phone, tap an app and get what they need?

Are you confident you’ll be able to keep pace with a competitor who offers this kind of a service when you don’t?

Leverage a Direct Marketing Channel

Marketing has never been more important. Very few customers truly have brand loyalty these days, meaning they pick a company and never leave them. Instead, they’re constantly looking for companies that can better fit their needs.

Usually, then, it makes sense that those who are doing the best marketing are always bringing in the most customers too.

Apps offer your customers 24/7 access

Apps make it possible to market to your customers practically 24/7. As we covered above, one way this works is simply by never leaving their side. You’ll constantly be collecting mindshare simply because your logo is right there on their phone.

Fortunately, you can do a lot better than that, though, like using push notifications to send them all kinds of custom notifications.

If you’re only using traditional market channels at the moment, you’re doing your company a real disservice. The future of direct marketing through apps is looking bright, but there are all kinds of options available to you at the moment as well.

Produce Better Rewards Programs

Although we mentioned above that brand loyalty may belong to a bygone era, there are some notable exceptions. One way companies have been successful in instilling a certain amount of loyalty in their customers is by rewarding them for it.

Unfortunately, for many organizations, this means something fairly archaic like a customer loyalty card. Some just have punch cards. Either way, you’ll get far better results by using an app.

Using mobile apps to build loyalty

For one thing, an app is going to produce far less overhead. You don’t have to create card after card for every customer, spend tonnes of money on raw materials and yet never even know if the user will make it worth your while.

Apps are very easy to scale, which will end up saving you money in the long run. It means that many companies can begin using loyalty programs despite the fact that they may not have previously had the resources for doing so. You can even tailor these programs for individual segments of your market, further leveraging the results.

Of course, your customers will love it too. A lot of people tire of having to carry around dozens of different cards for all the retailers they shop at. Even with a purse, this can be less than convenient. As we touched on earlier, though, no one leaves the house anymore without their beloved smartphone.

Give Your Customers Something More

You may also wish to think about combining the two concepts we just covered. With an app, your company has a direct line to each and every one of their customers. That gives you the opportunity to replace the old concept of a reward card with something much more efficient and profitable.

However, why not also use that direct line to motivate them to spend in the first place? Companies like Amazon have been smart enough to realise that the email address they have for a customer is a fantastic way to get them to return to their site and buy something.

Use sales through your app to spike interest in your product

The next time you see business stagnating or dropping, tell all your app owners about a sale you’ll be running for just the next 48 hours. You’ll definitely see a spike in profits.

On top of that, you’ll most likely benefit from a lot of interest in your app as word spreads about the value of having it on hand whenever you decide to announce a sale.

There are countless other ways you could use an app for this purpose. For instance, if you don’t have a physical storefront, you could use your app for advertising sales on your website.

Experience Better Communication

One of the best parts about having an app for your customers is that you get to hear more from them. This carries a number of different benefits with it. Hearing from your customers means being able to better understand what it will take to keep them happy, and in turn, encourage them to make another purchase.

Opening up another line of communication, though, is just as much about meeting their needs and keeping things more convenient. For example, look at an app like OpenTable.

Do more, in less time with mobile apps

It’s all about allowing customers to book tables at their favorite restaurants in less than two minutes. No more calls when you don’t have the time to sit and wait. Just whip out your phone, open the app and you’ll have a table in no time.

Another line of communication for your customers is never going to be a bad thing if it means you get to hear from them more. Whether it’s basic customer feedback you’re receiving or actual purchases, this is just one more way an app can help make your company better.

Simple Repeat Business Is Possible

Repeat business should be the goal of every company. It’s well-known that finding a new customer is always harder than simply keeping the one you already have. This is yet another area where having an app for your business makes a lot of sense.

By now it’s probably clear, that apps can help with this simply because phones are always at hand and easy to use for landing a sale. It goes beyond that though. These apps are also great because it’s so easy to keep important customer information on them.

Storing customer preferences

Let’s say you’re a pizza place. With an app, you can have a customer’s preference stored, including any unique variations they prefer. After a long day at work, they might be on the highway before they remember their bare refrigerator.

Fortunately, they know that all they have to do is open their app and with a click or two, your business will have their favorite pizza on its way.

Any kind of app a company takes on should be aimed at making it as simple as possible to bring in repeat business.

Score Easy Points for Your Brand

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of producing an app that doesn’t actually make your customers’ lives easier.

A lot of businesses decide they’ll go ahead and give an app a try, but then they do little more than spit out a boilerplate version with just the least bit of customization. It’s basically a portal for their customers to make purchases and not much else.

Instead, take time in producing your app. It’s true you don’t have to do the entire thing in-house anymore, but at least invest some serious energy in finding a company that can build your app the best way possible.

Build an app today and gain competitive advantage over your rivals

By having this kind of focus, you’ll also be able to score easy points for your business. You’ll be able to draw customers from competitors simply because your app is more stylish, functional, user-friendly, informative, etc.

This is also how you spread brand awareness. Make an app that is so great your customers naturally bring it up in conversation with acquaintances and/or business partners.

What’s more, with Fliplet you don’t even need to worry about expensive costs and time consumption.

Thanks, to our guest blogger Mike Miranda from Rocket Software.