How Graduate Scheme Apps Could Help You Attract The Best Talent

It is almost that time of the year when applications for graduate schemes will be opening once again.

The benefits of graduate schemes to companies are numerous – from attracting the best young talent to bringing in an influx of fresh ideas across all business departments. However with an ever more competitive job market, graduate schemes have seen an upsurge in popularity, which means that those managing the process are having to deal with an increasingly large amount of inbound applications.

There has also been an increasing emphasis on the creation of talent communities in recruitment; allowing potential candidates to form lifelong relationships with brands and to interact directly with the companies and hiring managers. The ideal time to capture interest from potential future candidates is at the graduate level when they are starting their careers.

Mobile apps can help companies and graduate scheme applicants alike with the recruitment process by making it easier for employees to find the right candidates, while at the same time engaging applicants highly and providing them with a positive user experience.

In the case of graduate scheme apps, these can truly deliver value to applicants by keeping them up-to-date with news and providing them with essential information about the company, scheme and application process. It can also offer access to additional opportunities such as registration for events, competitions, work experience and special courses.

Whether the applicant is successful or not, all this can form the basis for an ongoing relationship between your company’s brand and talented graduates out there.

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Benefits of graduate scheme apps

  1. Greater insight. Graduate scheme apps can allow candidates to gain better insight into your company by giving them access to an array of materials, from department overviews to introductory videos, that they can engage with in their own time. At the same time, these apps can help managers figure out the sort of content that works or doesn’t work and optimize the app accordingly.
  2. Increased engagement. A graduate scheme app also offers an interactive and much more engaging platform for applicants to engage with your firm, with each other and with the whole application process through the use of social media integration, application submission functions and media such as video. Applicants can take advantage of these features too, for instance by submitting video CVs.
  3. More efficient application process. Finally, a mobile app enables the entire application process to become easier and more engaging for the applicant by allowing them to work on it whenever possible and to check the progress of their application and news about your company wherever they are.

Features of graduate scheme apps

So what features should you include in your graduate scheme app?

Central portal

A central portal can be used as the center point around which the whole application process revolves.

This portal can easily connect company, applicant and fellow applicants together in one place.

It can also be the point of entry for each candidate to each section of the app: corporate information, social media and news feeds, company news, event registration information and the online application itself.

Having a central portal is the best way to ensure that candidates can access any information that they need easily and hassle-free.

Company and scheme information

Including company and scheme information and updating the app regularly with news is a great way to keep candidates continually engaged with the scheme, beyond the application itself.

This could include insight into your company as a graduate employer, with overviews of the different departments that graduates may be involved with, as well as general company information, contact details and latest news.

By including multimedia such as videos of the day-to-day working culture of your company as well as videos of existing employees talking about their experience, candidates can get a better idea of what it is actually like to work there, increasing their interest and engagement.

Candidate profile

Allowing candidates to create a profile on the app is a great way for your company to get a better idea of what the candidate is as a person, as well as a perfect opportunity for different candidates to get in touch with each other and exchange insights.

By uploading a CV and other documents and including extended information such as personal interests and, candidates could potentially come up with a very thorough profile.

This could also include job preferences and filters so that each candidate can be matched up with the right positions within the scheme.

Job application

Particularly in the case of companies with a variety of graduate scheme programmes available, a job search function that filters results by department and that links applicants directly to the online application could be very helpful.

In this way, applicants can ensure that they are filtering out all jobs that are irrelevant to them and focusing their attention on those that are.

This job search function could includes features such as notification alerts for newly added jobs that are relevant to the applicant, or the ability to “favorite” jobs in order to view them later.

Events and course information

Many graduate schemes include the ability for applicants to attend events, courses, webinars and other such happenings.

If that is the case of your company, having a section on the app dedicated to these could dramatically increase interest and engagement from applicants.

Allowing them to sign up for the events directly from the app, moreover, can encourage more applicants to sign up and create a psychological incentive for them to actually attend.

Social media

Finally, integrating social media into graduate scheme apps is a great way to encourage communication and networking between applicants.

By allowing social media accounts to feed directly into the app, users can discover what their fellow applicants on the programme are up to, what their interests are, what they are reading, etc.

Users could also base their app profile directly on their social media profile by signing into the app with their social media account. This could help add depth to their information, for instance by showing what books, films, etc. they are interested in and sparking conversations with other applicants beyond the context of the programme.

In conclusion

As graduate schemes become increasingly popular, it is also becoming more and more important to find innovative ways to help companies manage the high volume of applications while still engaging applicants highly.

Mobile apps could be the answer to this, as not only do they offer ways to make the application process much easier and smoother, but they also provide additional opportunities to increase applicants’ engagement with your company and other applicants, creating an environment of healthy competition.

From delivering regular up-to-date news to creating a community of applicants, the possibilities of graduate scheme apps are endless and the potential immense.

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