Get More Done With A Document Management App

As business becomes increasingly mobile, it is becoming more and more important to empower employees with access to work-related resources from their smartphone or tablet.

Many companies still rely on the Intranet as the place to store all company documents. But the problem with the Intranet is that it is generally near impossible to access remotely and even within the office network it is normally very difficult to do so via a mobile device.

As more and more professionals, particularly senior management, are expected to attend external meetings or to travel for business, ensuring that they have access to important work-related documents while away is simply incompatible with the Intranet.

A great solution to this problem is using a document management app. With an app, companies can centralize all relevant documents in one place and ensure that any employee can access them from their mobile device no matter where they are.

Not only this, but a document management app can also allow employees to edit these documents directly on their mobile device and even to submit them or email them directly from their device to the relevant database or contact.

Document management apps offer many other benefits, including:

  • Wider reach. Apps enable any employee to access resources no matter where they are as long as they have an Internet connection.
  • Saved time. Apps also allow employees to make better use of ‘dead’ times such as during commutes in order to read or work on documents.
  • Team support. Apps also ensure that employees have access to documents whenever they need support. For example, if they’re in the sales team they can use the app to re-familiarise themselves with a product or service before a meeting.
  • Improved services. Finally, including a document library in customer-facing apps with documents relevant to them can allow your company to provide a point of differentiation from competitors.

document management app

How document management apps can help you

Work on documents while on the go

The most basic way in which a document management app can help you is by allowing you to access work-related documents while on the go.

As long as you are carrying a mobile device, you can access, edit and submit documents directly via the app, helping you make better use of ‘dead’ time.

Make meetings more efficient

The benefits of using mobile devices to convey information during meetings have been well documented. Given the time constraints and critical importance of business meetings, being able to access documents as easily and hassle-free as possible can have a significant positive impact on their flow and outcome.

For example, an app can help salespeople to refamiliarise themselves with work-related documents, ensuring that they are as prepared as possible before meetings.

An app can help within meetings too by allowing salespeople to easily display your company’s products or services to prospects in a visually engaging way. Or if they suddenly need to access a particular document that they didn’t anticipate, a few taps on the app are enough to produce it.

On the other hand, if an employee needs to share documents such as contracts with a client, they can simply show these directly on a tablet and even enable clients to sign them directly on the app using e-signature functionality. This eliminates the need for printing and scanning that would normally be necessary, helping employees save time.

Increase the value of your event app

One of the best ways to ensure that you are delivering value to event attendees not only during the event but also before and after is by including a document library in their app. This kind of feature is similar to a content management apps except that it allows users only to access rather than edit content.

From PDF files relevant to the event to other media such as videos, podcasts or photo galleries, there are many kinds of content that you could include in your app.

An example is including all presentations that were delivered during your event so that attendees can access them after the event and thereby get additional value, increasing the positive image of your brand.

Improve your relationships with clients

There are other ways in which you can benefit clients or prospects using a document library app. One of these is including this app as part of your offering in order to better manage and deliver your services or product.

For example, the app could help you centralize all documents relevant to a particular client in one place and enable them to access them whenever needed in just a few taps. In this way, clients can ensure that they have everything they need instead of having to comb through their email accounts or paperwork.

Content marketing

Providing your customers (and potential customers) with access to useful content and documents during the sales process can be extremely valuable.

A content marketing app can help you do this by allowing you to promote content directly to your audience’s mobile devices that is useful for them and helps you stand out from competitors.

From educational resources and special promotions to email courses, games and competitions, there is a wide range of content that your app could include and which can be personalised and specially tailored to each client.

In conclusion

Document management apps can help you increase productivity internally as well as deliver better services to your clients. With such a wide range of potential use cases available, there is great room for innovation in this area and we can expect it to become a true point of differentiation for companies.

Do you use a document management app? How have you found it has helped you? Please share your insight in our comments section below.