Industry And Corporate News Apps: The Next Big Thing In Internal Communications

Many companies are already profiting from the great benefits that internal communications apps can bring in productivity increases and faster business processes.

Another area where apps can make a difference is in delivering industry and company news. Typically employees are expected to keep up with relevant news about their industry, but pushing relevant content directly to their mobile devices is a powerful and efficient way of encouraging them to stay in the loop.

Corporate news can also be included, making it much more likely that employees will actually read it. Traditional methods such as newsletters centerd around the Intranet have their own share of difficulties and can be extremely user unfriendly.

Corporate and industry news apps offer many other benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity. Mobile apps make access to information faster and more efficient than ever before.
  • Increased engagement. Mobile apps allow you to engage employees directly on their mobile devices with more engaging content.
  • Instant access. Apps make it easier for employees to find the information they need when they most need it, without the need to search for PDFs in a shared drive.
  • Greater insight. Apps can allow you to gain insight into how employees are using them through analytics and other software. This can help you significantly improve the user experience and make the app as valuable as possible.
  • Higher interactivity. Finally, apps allow you to include a variety of media from interactive graphs and videos to embedded documents. This makes using the app much more intuitive and engaging.

corporate news app

News apps for employees

With a corporate news app, companies can ensure that their employees are up-to-date with the latest industry news by making it relevant and accessible from any mobile device.

This not only makes it easier for employees to access content, but it also ensures that it’s in a format that is visually attractive and engaging.

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How internal communication apps can replace the Intranet

The mobile format is beneficial to the consumption of content due to the ability to access it at any time, particularly during commutes or waiting times. This presents a perfect opportunity for employees to catch up with the latest news when they are unlikely to be doing anything else.

This format also allows for the inclusion of a wide variety of media, all of which are perfectly accessible from a mobile device and can be downloaded and saved if necessary.

Your corporate news app could contain:

  • Relevant content from the web. An app that pulls in industry news and other relevant articles from a variety of sources, for example via RSS feeds, could be immensely valuable to employees by ensuring they are not missing out on any important industry news.
  • Company news. But the app could also include corporate news to make it as convenient as possible for employees to find alongside industry news. Though traditionally delivered via a corporate newsletter based around the Intranet, including company news on an app instead can make it much more convenient for employees to access and consume.

News apps for clients

But news apps also offer great opportunities to engage with clients in new ways and to offer them ‘add-ons’ that help you stand out from competitors. Whether it’s by delivering relevant industry news or carefully selected content marketing, the possibilities are endless.

The idea is for an app to offer clients content that is relevant and useful to them, making it a part of your company’s offering. By continuing to provide value to clients, you can ensure that you are maintaining an ongoing relationship with them, building trust and raising the profile of your brand.

From RSS feeds and blogposts to PDF guides and quizzes, there are many kinds of content that could be delivered and that could encourage clients to engage more with your brand. Other elements such as competitions could encourage greater participation and app use.

At the same time, data collected on how users are engaging with the app, coupled with user feedback, could help personalise the app even further, tailoring content specifically to clients’ needs or interests.

A look at a news app case study

Nationwide Insurance is a group of large U.S. insurance and financial services companies with more than 30,000 employees.

They decided to develop an enterprise internal collaboration platform called SPOT for their employees in response to the many problems of the intranet, such as poor navigation and accessibility of documents.

While the app facilitates knowledge sharing among colleagues through social media functionality, an important aspect of it is the ability to share news directly to all employees.

The staff are using the app to monitor both external media sources with internal corporate news, ensuring that they are up-to-date with relevant industry happenings as well as with the latest company announcements.

The app has had an incredibly positive impact in productivity gains and has gone on to win multiple awards.

In conclusion

In this article we outlined how an industry and corporate news app can help employees and customers alike by keeping them updated on all relevant news about the industry. Whether this is for personal development reasons or to provide additional value to customers as part of your offering, the benefits are many and varied.

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