4 Companies Using Apps to Recruit Top Talent

As companies compete to attract the best applicants, particularly among graduates and the young professional workforce, many are coming up with fresh and innovative ideas to raise awareness of their brand and to provide applicants with additional incentives to work at their company.

The idea is to encourage applicants to engage with brands in more interesting ways that help them to see companies as technologically savvy and modern. This also encourages applicants to form relationships with them and to identify with their brand.

In this article we look at a few examples of companies who are successfully attracting new recruits through the use of mobile technology and gamification.

Some real-life recruitment app examples

1. Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a multinational consumer goods company specialized in health, hygiene and home products, has also used gamified apps to help recruit new talent.

They decided to create a suite of online and mobile games to raise awareness of their brand among students and graduate and attract them to the company.


The games suite, named “crazieRBrands”, was available online as well as in app format. Each of the eight games was designed to promote each of their strongest brands, from Durex to French Mustard.

The tasks users were required to complete were action and memory-based and with a hint of homor and light-heartedness. So for example, the game dedicated to Veet included humorous leg-waxing tasks, while the Lysol game was dedicated to cleaning a toilet bowl. There was an additional incentive to play the games in that users had the chance to win a trip for two.

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2. Domino’s Pizza

The popular pizza chain Domino’s was experiencing problems attracting employees to their thousands of job openings due to a poor employer image among applicants.

In order to attract a higher volume of applicants, they decide to create a gamified app to allow users to experience what it’s like working at Domino’s.

Pizza Hero

The resulting app allowed users to virtually perform all series of tasks to do with making pizza: kneading pizza dough, topping the prepared dough with ingredients and, of course, baking the pizza.

Players were also taken through several levels in the game and asked to vote on completed pizzas. The ability to go through every step of the way served to give users a good idea of the tasks required by the position.

The app was a fun way for users to get a good idea of what working at Domino’s is like and an easy way to connect Domino’s with prospective employees.

Users were also able to apply for jobs at Domino’s directly via the app, while their confidence levels were at their highest.

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3. U.S. Department of Defense

The U.S. Department of Defense is no stranger to using gamification to recruit and train their force. In this case, they wanted to attract skilled engineers, mathematicians and scientists to design the next generation of military aircraft.

They decided to create a gamified app to help them determine applicant skills, as well as to attract a wider demographic of applicants and encourage skilled people to apply.

Make It Fly

The result was Make It Fly, an app that enables users to build their own aircraft and even to fly it in a series of “missions” where certain “objectives” must be accomplished. It’s a fun yet challenging app that allows users to test and refine their skills, increasing their confidence and their interest in working for the Air Force.

The game requires specialized knowledge such as being able to apply real physics principles of flight such as thrust, drag, lift and gravity. It allows you to create a variety of military airplanes, requiring users to choose the right combination of parts according to the mission objective.

The aim is to make users aware of their own skills and thereby encourage them to apply to work for the U.S. Air Force.

The app has been a massive success, so much so that the U.S. Department of Defense has since planned to release a similar app for its Navy.

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4. Uber

Uber, now operating in 300 cities worldwide, was rapidly growing and needed a large influx of drivers to meet demand.

They decided to create an app with the aim of attracting new drivers to sign up with them and give them confidence in their abilities by allowing them to test their skills via a game.


The gamified app is designed to show users what it’s like to be an Uber driver. Originally designed for San Francisco only, the app required users to take “customers” to a variety of locations in the city. This allowed users to test their knowledge of the city and make them more confident about their abilities.

Users were then able to sign up to become drivers directly via the app, capturing their attention while their engagement with the app was at its highest.

The app was launched as a test run in San Francisco only, with plans to expand it to other cities if the results are positive.

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In conclusion

Mobile apps, particularly those that use gamification, are proving to be perfect platforms to attract new talent and encourage users to apply for jobs by giving them a positive user experience and giving them confidence about their abilities.

In this article we looked at a few examples of companies providing such apps. Have you come across any other examples? If so, please let us know in the comments section.