Wow Stakeholders With a 2015 Report App

The end-of-year is almost upon us and many companies are probably working hard on their end-of-year reports.

But although reporting is an invaluable part of any business, it can be a challenge to create reports that are compelling enough to encourage readership.

Many companies are therefore turning to reporting apps to help them create reports that are visually engaging, accessible and that add that “wow” factor.

If you’re struggling to encourage stakeholders to read your end-of-year report, or you are simply looking for a more efficient way to create them, an app could just be the perfect answer.

Your end-of-year app could help you report on:

  • Your successes and achievements in the past 12 months
  • How your company performed compared to competitors
  • The areas where your company showed innovation
  • Awards and other recognition received
  • How your company is performing in regards to the mission and vision
  • Where you see the company going next year
  • An end of year message from the CEO
  • And much more!

But what kinds of features should you include in your end-of-year report app? And what is it about apps that makes them such a perfect fit for reports? In this article we outline the key benefits of reporting apps and the main features that could help you take advantage of them.

annual report app

1. Higher engagement

The most invaluable benefit of reporting apps is their ability to improve the reader’s user experience. While traditional reports in print and Excel formats are quite static and complicated to read through, apps allow you to display your achievements and other 2015 data in a visually stunning and user-friendly way.

Apps do this by allowing you to include a variety of media and interactive features, such as:

  • Multimedia. Infographics, charts, interactive timelines and videos can help bring your report to life, allowing you to show your achievements and other data in visually stunning ways that are easier to consume than plain text and graphs.
  • Interactive elements. The ability for users to consume your report in an intuitive way, by zooming in, filtering data and swiping, also allows the report to adapt to their preferred style of consumption, giving them a better user experience.
  • Breakdown of content. An app also allows you to break down content in more sophisticated ways, for example by letting you provide a general overview of the year in a few snapshots, with the ability for users to tap on each section to find out more. This empowers readers to tap only on the sections that particularly interest them, making for a smoother reading process.

2. Better accessibility

When distributing reports, an important part is ensuring that all stakeholders have received a copy, whether it’s in a physical or digital format. This can be a challenge because reports can easily get lost or forgotten in the mail.

With an app, all you need to do is send it directly to your stakeholders’ mobile devices, allowing them to access your report no matter where they are. This means that they can read it while on their commute or at other “dead” times, increasing the chances that they will read it. An important feature in your annual report app will therefore be enabling offline working to allow stakeholders to access your report even while away from an internet connection.

Delivering reports via an app has the added benefit of allowing you to update it in the case of errors and pushing these updates directly to everyone’s mobile devices, eliminating consistency issues.

3. Easier and faster report creation

Reporting apps can also be designed in a way that, not only is the finished report delivered via an app, but when creating the report data can also be input via a report creating feature.

For example, you could input data relating to a particular area of your report and have the app automatically create custom charts for that section, helping you to design the app without the need to create complicated charts separately and then add them into the app.

In this way, the report creating feature could walk you through the design of each section, allowing you to input text and data and to see the report being created in real time. This would significantly cut down report-creating time and give you an accurate idea of what the finished report will look like all throughout the process.

In conclusion

If you want to create a visually stunning, engaging end-of-year report that your stakeholders will love, a reporting app can help!

In this article we gave you a few ideas of content and features, but please let us know in the comments section if you think of any others.