32 New Fliplet Features for Your Enterprise Apps Launched in 2015

BillionsDoes your current enterprise app builder give you this many amazing features...?In 2015, the team at Fliplet created some great new features to help you build even more amazing apps for your business. In fact on average, we were releasing a new feature every 2 weeks in 2015. We hope to continue this trend in 2016 to keep your enterprise apps on the cutting edge!Read on for the complete rundown of all our brand new features or skip ahead to the section that interests you most:

Multimedia & Interactive

Content overlays

Add content to your screen without moving your user away to another screen. Allows you to quickly display more detail and create depth in your app without adding additional screens

Image galleries

Create a gallery of images which your users can scroll through and view in ‘pinch-to-zoom’ mode.


Scroll through a feed akin to Instagram and quickly upload your own photos. Perfect for maintenance teams, events, project managers and… just plain fun with your team

Pinch-to-zoom images

Add detailed images that your users can zoom in on. Perfect for sitemaps, high-resolution images or product details Starratings

Star Ratings

A popular request. Star Ratings are now available! Now you can rate training programs, events, or conferences.

Video streaming

Videos can take up a lot of space on your phone - we have given you the option to embed or stream our videos. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Read more

Photo sharing

Users can now take and upload images with captions and share it with all users instantly

RSS feeds

Quickly and easily add an RSS feed to your app. All you need is the web address for your RSS feed and Fliplet will do the rest Read more

Push Notifications

Send communications messages directly to your users with push notifications. You can update the user on news, app features and more quickly and directly Read more

Data & Forms


Data directory

One of our most diverse tools, the data directory allows you to display complex data sets in an intuitive format to your user. The data directory allows you to search, filter and scroll through entries just like your contact directory on your phone. Read more

Form builder

Gather information from your users through surveys and questionnaires, perform calculations or validate information such as email addresses or answers to exams. The form builder does it all. Use forms to gather feedback, customer contacts, support requests and more.

Lead capture

Use your app to collect data from sales leads and automatically contact them with personalised

Upload images

Upload images into forms to increase the amount of data being collected for evidence or reference on job sites, maintenance teams and emergency response situations Read more

Templated emails

Use form data to populate a templated email that is then sent to the user. Choose from a range of formulae to create truly personalised emails according to form data

Custom form templates

Create a personalised form template to ensure that data is being gathered correctly across your organization

Smart data tracking

You can use your app without internet connection and be rest assured your data is safe - your app can tell you how many form submissions are waiting to be sent. It will then send them to our servers when it is back online

Live reporting

Get insights into your form data in real time - especially good if you are running an event. By using the reporting plugin, you can track the data that your users are submitting to your app in real time.

Branding & Customization

Branded app viewers

Create your own app viewer - we will brand, style and launch a personalised app viewer to the app store for you. Ask a member of the Customer Success team to set this up for you.

Custom font uploader

Got a particular font you’d like to use or just as tired as we are of Arial or Times New Roman…. Use our font uploader to truly match your app with your brand.

Developer tools

For the technically minded out there, we have now given you easier access to developer tools. Add your own CSS and JavaScript at a screen and global level to create a truly customized experienceDeveloper

New branding options

Your app needs to be on-brand. The branding options available to you have been expanded to cover all features.

New screen layouts

We are always adding to your screen layouts to make sure you are able to create the look you need for your app

App onload messages

Display custom message when your app launches to give your users a quick guide of the app or notify them of updated features. These messages can be shown every time or shown once and dismissed.

Interactive lists

Interactive lists allow you to create menus and lists anywhere in your app that can perform a number of useful tasks such as; display another screen, open overlays or web pages Read more

iPad Pro support

It’s massive! So we had to add a whole new device preview in Fliplet Studio and updated Fliplet Viewer to support the new dimensions.

Reporting, Insights & Analytics

Enhanced Google Analytics tracking

Google Analytics will be able to track your app at a far deeper level, giving you even more insights into how your app is performing

Security & Support

Live chat

Speak to a friendly, supporting member of the Fliplet team directly (yes, it does actually ring our phones). And although it might be 11pm in London, you will have someone to answer your important questions, without fuss or bother!

MDM partnerships

We have created partner programs with some of the biggest MDM providers on the market, including MobileIron, Good, Airwatch, IBM MaaS360 and AppDome to ensure your apps are secure

Box integration

Securely access files stored on Box from within your app. All connections and files are encrypted to offer you maximum protection PassCode1

Passcode protection

Protect your app’s content from human error (leaving your phone on the bus, pub, etc.) by adding PIN protection. Your users will be required to enter a PIN code every time they use the app. For ease of use, iOS users will also have TouchID available to them.

Salesforce integration

Access your information stored within your Salesforce ecosystem from within your app. Create powerful apps that combine the user experience and functionality of Fliplet with the big data of Salesforce

User authentication

Want to add a level of security to your app? Authenticate your users via an email and pin code system. Please ask a member of the Customer Success team if you’d like to enable this feature

Want some help with your app?

You should speak to a member of the Customer Success team. You can do this by:
  • Email: support@fliplet.com
  • Telephone: UK: +44 (0) 203 582 9720 US: +1 (415) 200 3720
  • Live chat: Chat to us in Fliplet Studio
  • Fliplet FAQ
We look forward to hearing what you think of this new feature – feedback is welcome!