4 Project Management App Ideas You’ll Want to Hear About

In this article we gave you some tips on the sort of apps that can help you support and empower your project teams, from project status reporting apps to project dashboard apps.

But if you want to go that extra mile, why not have a look at some of the more unusual and innovative project management app ideas? In this article we sum up some of the most interesting use cases we are starting to see in project management to inspire you and help you manage projects even more efficiently.

Here are our top four best project management app ideas:

best project management app

1. Contractor app

If your project requires you to hire contractors, what better way to bring them up-to-speed with everything they need to know than a mobile app?

The app could include basic information on the company, project and health & safety and other policies. Essentially, it would be an onboarding app for temporary employees.

Contractors could also use the app to log their work hours and expenses – just imagine the time and hassle you’ll be saving HR!

Depending on your needs, the app could include:

  • A list of the company and project policies and procedures.
  • Health & safety information.
  • An interactive timesheet feature allowing contractors to log their hours, with an optional timer that they can turn on and off when they begin and end their work hours.
  • An internal communications chat so you can check in with contractors – particularly useful if they’re working at hazardous locations.
  • Depending on your project, you might want to include useful tools such as calculators.

2. Data collection app

Access to the relevant data at any given time is usually essential to effective project management; it can help you determine how your project is performing and use it to better plan or optimize your next steps.

But logging and organising data can be really time-consuming and counter-productive when you have a tight schedule ahead.

A data logging app can help by allowing your team members to log data directly via their mobile device, so that if they’re away from the office or a computer they don’t need to save data and transfer it to the relevant database later.

An app can make data logging easier than ever by simply allowing team members to input the data into a form and tapping “submit”. By integrating the app into your backend systems, you can also ensure that data is instantly logged and included in any reports. That’s right, no more spreadsheets.

3. Support app

In our last article we talked about how important it is for teams to be able to communicate efficiently using internal communications apps.

A key area of internal communications is ensuring that team members get the right support if they come across any problems. And with a designated support app you can make this process even easier and more efficient.

A support app can help employees self-assist if they encounter any problems while working away from the office. For example, the app could include a list of FAQs and action plans according to scenarios that they can consult.

Or if they need to get in touch with management back in the office, they can simply tap on the relevant contact details to make a phone call or contact management through a chat feature.

This kind of app can be very useful if an employee needs to ask for special permissions or if they have any technical issues.

4. Social project management app

When it comes to projects, one of the most effective ways for the team to communicate is through social networking, as this allows for fast-paced easy-to-follow conversations between all members of a team.

A social project management app can be designed like any other traditional project management app: with a newsfeed containing all project activities so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

But where you can really go the extra mile is by allowing your team to comment on each activity with any questions or discussion points about it, just as they would on a social network.

That way, you ensure that team members are actively engaging in conversation around all project activities and that there is better communication about the results and goings-on at each stage.

In conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our project management app tips! Have you heard of any other cool or innovative project management app ideas? We’d love to hear about them if so, so feel free to leave a comment in the section below.