3 Investment Banks Ahead of the Market with Mobile Apps

In previous articles on the Fliplet blog we’ve talked about how financial services can embrace mobile to increase productivity and improve work processes. We also looked at some case studies of how the financial services industry is already taking advantage of mobile to innovate.

Now we’re turning our attention to how apps are revolutionising investment banking as banks increasingly offer traders more and more tools to continue trading while on-the-go.

As investment banks join the mobile trading world, they are positioning themselves at the forefront of the market by offering these tools to key clients only, giving them a sense of importance and exclusivity.

Here are three examples of apps for investors from three major banks and the features they include:

1. Barclays CFD&FST App

Barclays CFD and FST app allows clients to access the global markets and trade using Contact for Difference (CFD) and Financial Spread Tracking (FST) trading. Clients need to apply for a FST or CFD account to use the app. They can then then access the app no matter where they are on their mobile device, allowing them to:

  • Trade from wherever they are
  • Monitor the latest share prices and market movements
  • Research and view prices on real-time up-to-date charts
  • Access and amend their watch lists
  • View their trading history
  • …and more!

By launching the app, Barclays wanted to empower their clients to be able to trade in as convenient and flexible a way as possible, so that they don’t miss out on a trade or make any losses.

apps for investors

2. Citi Corporate and Investment Banking App (source)

Citi have proven themselves time and again to be very in touch with the latest mobile technologies.

Their Corporate and Investment Banking iPad app they now offer access to exclusive thought leadership information and content including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, including important deals news and trends in the global market.
  • Financial strategy information, such as the latest valuation, capital deployment and capital structure trends.
  • Capital markets data and trends in equity, debt and structured finance.
  • Research and publications from Citi’s global team of analysts, strategists and economists.

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3. BNP Paribas MobileMarkets app

MobileMarkets is an app that goes that extra mile by allowing their clients to not only access market information on their mobile device but to also customize it to suit their needs. Using the app, clients can access:

  • The latest market intelligence produced by BNP Paribas’ team of economists, strategists and analysts. This intelligence ranges from commodities and credit to foreign exchange and equities.
  • Real-time market data via a customisable portal that each client can customize with their desired widgets: currency radars, trade ideas, credit indices’ winners and losers, FX forecasts and more.
  • Subscription management, allowing clients to view and edit their subscriptions to asset publications.
  • Instant notifications, customisable so that clients can be notified when a new publication or article of interest becomes available.
  • Offline functionality allowing clients to read research or documents offline.
  • Article filters enabling clients to better find information that is relevant to them.

By making the app as customisable as possible, BNP Paribas aim to make the app experience as intuitive and relevant as possible, giving them a highly competitive edge.

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In conclusion

The three examples we covered in this article outline the great potential apps provide to investment banking as traders look for more and better tools for trading on-the-go.

As the success of these customer-facing apps becomes obvious, it will be interesting to see the sort of apps that investment banks begin adopting internally to support work processes.

Have you come across any other great investment banking apps? Please let us know in the comments below!