3 reasons why you should meet Fliplet at Mobile World Congress 2016

Team Fliplet will be heading back to sunny Barcelona in February to participate in the world’s largest mobile event – Mobile World Congress 2016.

About Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is an annual gathering for the mobile industry and related industries held in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition attracts more than 2,000 exhibitors (including us!) and hosts over 90,000 attendees. It covers all aspects of mobile, innovation, devices, marketing, retail and is the place to be if you are interested in the mobile industry.


Come and meet us if…

1. You want to understand how your company could be using mobile to boost productivity and improve efficiencies

Reports show that enterprise apps can help increase productivity within an organization by as much as 40%.

If your company is not already using apps to achieve productivity gains and key efficiencies, come and talk to us and we’ll walk you through the key ways in which apps could help your company depending on your business processes and needs.

2. You’ve already tried app development and it was too hard/expensive/time consuming

Probably the main reason why some companies still aren’t adopting enterprise apps is that they think they are too costly to develop and maintain.

However, there are now several options available for companies to develop apps other than the traditional methods such as developers or development teams who normally build apps from scratch.

As an enterprise app builder, Fliplet is a low-cost tool that allows you to easily build apps according to your own needs, without the need to code one single bit. Using our tool anyone in your company can build an app anytime and, the best part: unlike traditional development methods, using Fliplet they can also deliver as many updates as necessary, instantly.

3. You want to know how to mobilize key business processes such as marketing, reporting, sales, internal communication and project management

Fliplet is designed to help you create as many apps as you company will need across a variety of departments, from marketing to finance to HR. We believe that the future of business is mobile, which is why once you start using Fliplet you won’t be restricted to a single app or department, but will be empowered to use apps across every single team and department in your whole company.

What we’ll be doing

We will have a stand (7B87) where you can meet one of the Fliplet team to discuss your current enterprise app strategy. Book a meeting with one of the team today:

Email us to book a meeting »

We’ll look forward to seeing you at MWC2016!