How to Add RSS Feeds to Your App in Fliplet

RSS feeds are a great way to automatically add content from the web to your app. Whether it’s internal news, aggregated news feeds or social media feeds – RSS can do it all.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds also have offline capabilities, which means you don’t have to be online to view content. A vital feature for anyone using the app on the go or in areas where an internet connection isn’t reliable.

RSS Feeds are great for displaying:

  • Internal/external news feeds – avoid double handling information, stream your news straight into the app!
  • Twitter streams – follow relevant and interesting Twitter feeds in your app
  • Aggregated news sources – find sources from around your industry and display them in one place
  • Project management – keep your clients updated with a live stream of information and reports
  • Content marketing – automatically populate your app with blog posts from your marketing site

Adding RSS feeds to your apps

Adding RSS feeds is really easy – all you need is to find the URL code of the RSS feed and copy it into Fliplet studio. The rest of the work is aesthetic.

How to find an RSS feed

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format used by content-rich websites such as news sites, blogs, information and communications websites. It is a way of automatically distributing your content in a simple and efficient way.

Finding the URL is pretty simple – they are universally identified by the RSS symbol: RSSIcon

Take TechCrunch for example:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the RSS symbol – I can see it in the top right
  3. Pick from the list of available feeds – I’ve chosen ‘Start-ups’
  4. The URL of the following page will be the URL you should copy into Fliplet

How do I add the RSS feed to my apps?

Once you have your URL, you can add it your apps via Fliplet Studio. Log in to Fliplet Studio and open the app to which you’d like to add the RSS feed. Create a new screen or go to an appropriate existing screen.

  1. Click on the content area you’d like to contain an RSS feed
  2. In the content editor, find where your RSS feed should go and click +RSS
  3. Choose the style of your RSS feed (don’t worry, you can change this at any time)
  4. Enter the URL of the feed – Fliplet will automatically check whether the URL is a valid
  5. If it is not valid, you may have the wrong URL. In this case, contact Customer Success for support via live chat, email or phone and they will help you work out how to find the correct URL.
  6. Now your RSS feed is ready to go – if you are happy with the standard design, click save and it’ll load in your screen!
  7. Press “View your app” to publish your app to Fliplet Viewer and to test it works on your mobile device. After this you can share the update with your users

Customising your RSS feed

You have several options for customising your RSS feed to change how it looks and feels to the user.

These are your options:

Layout – click on the “Layouts” tab on the left hand side of the RSS editor

  • Pictures display on the left – text aligns on the left margin
  • Pictures display on the right – text aligns on the left margin
  • No image your feed will only display text content

Content Settings – found in the “Settings” tab, right under the URL input

  • Display titles – choose how many lines of the title you’d like to display; all, none or a certain number between 1 and 5
  • Display content – choose how many lines of preview content you’d like to display – as with the title, you can choose to display; all, none, or between 1 & 5 lines of content.

Design Settings – how your content will be displayed in the app

  • Highlight unread feed items – show your users which items are unread in your feed. That way, they can keep on top of the news
  • Full content overlay size – the full content will open up in an overlay when the user taps on the feed item. Use this option to choose how big that overlay is (medium and large will both be fullscreen on phones)
  • Full content overlay animation – controls how the content overlay appears on the screen
  • How would you like to separate the feed content? – a minor styling option – you can choose from a thin line dividing feed items or using an alternate background color

Want some help with your app?

You should speak to a member of the Customer Success team. You can do this by:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: UK: +44 (0) 203 582 9720 US: +1 (415) 200 3720
  • Live chat in Fliplet Studio
  • Fliplet FAQ

We’ll look forward to hearing what you think of this new feature – feedback is welcome!