How to Build Your First Sales App

According to the Sales Management Association, 70% of sales executives are seeing favorable return on investment after equipping their sales teams with tablets.

This shows how mobile is becoming a key asset for sales. In fact, sales and marketing apps are becoming really among the most popular mobile tools at many businesses, making up 18% of all apps deployed!

Sales apps can help you optimize your sales processes, provide support for salespeople and empower your team to get work done while away from the office, for example en route to a meeting.

Our free ebook, How to Build Sales Apps, will show you how you can build your first sales app for a variety of uses, from product overviews and sales pitching to training.

In the ebook, you will learn:

  • The benefits of using sales apps vs. traditional sales methods
  • How to plan, create and share your first sales app
  • How to promote your app to your colleagues
  • How to assess your app’s ROI
  • And more!

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