How to Build an Internal Communications App

Enterprise apps can increase productivity by 34%. This is a really impressive stat when you add up the numbers, leading to up to 240 hours additional work hours a year per employee!

One of the most popular types of apps among our customers is internal communications apps. Starting with an internal communications app is a no-brainer; by connecting employees better you can empower them to access and deliver information and support quicker, particularly while away from their desks.

An internal communications app is also great alternative to the intranet. While the intranet can be unreliable and difficult to access from mobile, apps make it easy to access, deliver, download and upload content from mobile devices.

In our ebook How to Build Internal Communications Apps you will learn:

  • The benefits of internal communications apps vs. the Intranet
  • How to plan, create and share your first internal communications app for news-sharing, document sharing and emergencies.
  • How to promote your app to your colleagues
  • How to assess your app’s ROI
  • And more!

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