Why Your Company Needs to Pay Attention to Mobile [Slide Deck]

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Smartphones are taking over the world. I bet at least 50% of you are reading this post on a smartphone or tablet. You’ll spend on average 3.3 hours a day using your phone and up to 46 times checking it.

Mobile is becoming the default device for nearly every aspect of daily living.

And businesses are starting to take it seriously. According to our recent report, in 2015 organizations created 4.7 enterprise mobile apps on average. This year we’re predicting this will rise to 8.4.

But not everyone is on board. And we can understand why – adding mobile to the mix may seem like just another channel to maintain. But here’s the bad news: mobile isn’t going away anytime soon.

In fact, it’s becoming more and more crucial that you pay attention.

Companies who are adopting mobile apps to communicate with their employees and customers are seeing real, bottom line benefits as a result.

Take a look at our latest slide deck for more information and amazing statistics on:

  • How big mobile really is
  • How mobile will shape your relationship with your customers
  • Why your employees and colleagues prefer working via mobile
  • How adopting mobile can positively benefit your bottom line

I’m convinced – how do I get started?

If you’re still at the research stage then take a look at some of our ebooks which talk you through all aspects of app development, from building a business case to developing and launching your own apps.