2015 A Year in Mobile: Report on Trends in Enterprise App Use and Development

Mobile isn’t a distant possibility, it’s the reality that we’re already living in. With 80% of the global population set to become smartphone users by 2021, employees and customers are increasingly demanding to be communicated to on mobile and businesses are fast realising the need to provide them with mobile tools and resources.

In the Fliplet Year in Mobile report we looked back at the use of enterprise apps by medium to large businesses over 2015 and the trends we foresee for 2016. We outlined the kinds of apps that have become most popular, how businesses are approaching mobile, the departments where apps are dominating and the industries that have been early adopters.

Some of our key findings include:

Businesses are building multiple enterprise apps

Companies are now building multiple apps, including single-use and “throwaway” apps, rather than creating single apps. This is why alternative methods of development such as enterprise app builders are increasing in popularity.

The mobile transition isn’t being led by IT

The majority of mobile adoption in enterprise is being led by non-technical departments such as HR, Marketing and Sales. This is because, as app development methods that require no coding skills (for example app builders such as Fliplet), non-technical departments are becoming empowered to create their own apps at a rapid pace.

Most enterprise apps are employee-focused

The majority of enterprise apps being built are not intended for clients, but for employees. Mobile apps offer many benefits to employees such as increases in productivity and easier access to company resources.

UK, US and India taking the lead in enterprise app adoption

Overall the UK, US and India were the countries creating the most enterprise apps. UK businesses were the most proactive at building enterprise apps, with India seeing the greatest engagement. Australian users spent the most time using each app, with sessions averaging 7 minutes.

Professional Services is the industry creating the most enterprise apps

The industries that topped the frontrunner list in enterprise app adoption were Professional Services, Energy & Utilities, Technology and Healthcare.

The majority of enterprise app use happens during working hours

Contrary to predictions that mobile apps would encourage employees to work on their commute and at home in the evenings, most app use happened during regular office hours, proving that mobile has become a key office tool. Engagement was at its highest during lunch hours, coffee breaks and before bedtime.

To learn more about these and other findings, check out our full report here.