WikiJob’s Chris Muktar on Paid Advertising and the Impact of Mobile on Recruitment [Podcast]

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More than 2 million students graduate yearly in Britain. For the job market, this means a huge pool of new hires and fierce competition when trying to recruit the best of them.

Who are WikiJob?

In our first episode of Fliplet podcast series, we spoke to Chris Muktar, one of the co-founders of Wikijob to discuss the impact that mobile is having on the recruitment industry and how WikiJobs targets graduates through advertising.

WikiJob is UK’s largest graduate careers website platform providing support to students looking for their first job. With over 600,000 monthly visits, the platform includes a multitude of opportunities from graduate schemes to internships or full-time roles in large companies such as PWC, Deloitte or KPMG.

Marketing to a student audience

As students are always tuned into the newest social media channels, WikiJob is constantly experimenting with new marketing and advertising strategies. This is part of their strategy to build a relationship with students before they decide to start looking for a job.

Chris outlines how WikiJob has been using paid advertising to identify potential career paths a graduate could follow. He also discusses the reasons behind their recent website redesign, plus giving us some of latest ‘behind the scenes’ projects at WikiJob.

The impact of mobile on recruitment

Even though the company did not create a mobile app (yet!), they experienced a 50% increase in their website visitors after launching a mobile version of the website.

The challenge was to integrate such a high volume of information into a tiny mobile screen whilst ensuring the small details are taken into consideration.

Technology has completely changed the recruitment industry already, and we are fascinated to understand how mobile apps could change the interaction between candidate and recruiter in the future.

Have you used a recruitment app in the past? Are you a recruiter who currently uses an app to contact and interview potential candidates?

If you would like to reach out to Chris, you can find him @chrismuktar or, if you are looking to improve your graduate recruitment process, you can find more details on WikiJob