Blumio’s Catherine Liao on Recruiting for Your Startup [Podcast]

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Fliplet’s 4th podcast episode took us to San Francisco for a chat with Catherine Liao, co-founder of Blumio.

One of the main problems startups have is building the right team to drive the company forward. Finding the right talent means a lot more than just hiring someone with relevant professional experience. As Catherine puts it, it’s about ‘looking to build a shared ride for the team’.

About Catherine and Blumio

Catherine has gained a deep understanding of all aspects of a startup by wearing several different hats over the years. She’s worked in a tech support role, marketing, and business development roles in many different companies.

Until co-founding Blumio, Catherine was the Senior Director of Platform Marketing at Riverbed Technologies.

Blumio is a medical device startup that designs products to monitor a person’s vitals without being too invasive. The team at Blumio designed a sensor that is able to measure blood pressure without the use of an inflatable cuff.

The startup is currently part of an accelerator program. But, as we all know, you can’t build a great business with an amazing product alone. You need the right people to join your team and share the same passion.

How do you convince the right people to join the ride?

Joining a startup is an exciting and empowering experience. An increasing number of people are giving up the corporate life for a role in a small team that passionately believes in a product.

As Catherine mentions, the challenging part is often convincing people to believe in your company as madly as you do.

At Fliplet, from the first call with a candidate, we share our vision and long-term plans for growing the company.

Can we grow together? Is there room for us to sustain their learning process while the company benefits from their knowledge?

Blumio’s approach to hiring is quite similar. Catherine found that even people in the middle of their careers are more often than not looking for a role that they can become passionate about.

How do you convince the right people to jump on board your ride?

If you would like to reach out to Catherine, you can find her @catliao on Twitter.