Tictrac’s CTO James Pollock on How They Use Mobile In the Health Industry [Podcast]

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The mobile app market is becoming increasingly populated with different products. As Chris Muktar mentioned during our first Fliplet podcast, companies are reaching their audiences via mobile more than on desktop.

But, what are the stages a product has to go through before it can become available as a mobile app? James Pollock, CTO of Tictrac was available to share with us the story behind Tictrac’s road to developing their mobile app.

About Tictrac

Tictrac started about 5 years ago as a web platform that helped track data related to an individual’s health and wellness. Today, they build a health engagement platform aimed at improving people’s lives by showing them the next step to being healthy.

Tictrac started working on a mobile version of their product 2 years ago and things have developed significantly since then.

The road to mobile is paved with exciting challenges…

The original product was a responsive web platform that pulled an individual’s health data into one place from different apps. For example, sleeping patterns, the distance you ran yesterday, or, what you had to eat.

James felt the team wasn’t ready to sustain the effort of going mobile, but it wasn’t long before Tictrac decided to develop their first mobile app.

James discusses the purpose of adapting a native mobile app versus copying content from your website to a mobile app.

He also highlights how different platforms need to be approached in a different way. Product developers should pay attention to how often they make upgrades to their apps. A typical user doesn’t want to have to update their apps several times a day.

Listen to the full podcast to learn how Tictrac created their mobile app and how it’s helping change the way people take care of their health.

Have you recently added a mobile app or mobility strategy to your business?

If you want to get in touch with James, you can find him on @docmatrix