Release Note: Fliplet 2 Officially Launched!

We’re thrilled to announce that the public beta for Fliplet 2 is officially out!

Our developers have been hard at work following lots of customer feedback and user testing: the new Fliplet 2 has been rebuilt on new foundations and once it’s out of beta it will be, without a doubt, the most powerful, flexible and efficient mobile app builder in the market.

The new Fliplet 2 boasts all these amazing features:

Completely redesigned interface

Fliplet 2 looks and feels better and easier to use. We’re also introducing drag-and-drop functionality! That’s right, you will be able to drag any layout item you want (like a button, an image or a piece of text) into the app screen into any position you like. We are also going to be adding more layout options and templates over the next few weeks, so keep checking for new features!

A peek into Fliplet 2 Beta's interface

A peek into Fliplet 2 Beta’s interface

Powerful big data management features

You will be able to use large databases, whether online or offline, to populate mobile apps automatically and without affecting app performance. At the moment you can do this via the “directory” option, but very soon you’ll see a feature called “Dynamic pages” where you will be able to automatically populate pages with the contents of a database, no matter how large!

Web browser compatibility

Debuting with Fliplet Studio 2, mobile apps will no longer be constrained to the mobile environment! This new feature is just magic: you’ll be able to embed any of the apps you build with Fliplet 2 into a webpage, and your website visitors will be able to browse just like they would on their phones. This also means you’ll get to share your apps via links, too! This feature isn’t quite ready yet but you’ll be seeing it prominently featured in the “Launch checklist” option in the coming weeks.

Advanced developer features

Got developers in house or coding skills? Fliplet 2 will enable developers to write and test features on their computers and upload their code into Fliplet’s servers, all with just one action.

This means happier developers, faster new features in Fliplet and a whole world of new feature possibilities, all of that in the languages that developers already know and love: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No more fiddling with complex mobile programming languages like Objective-C, Java or .NET.

All new features added by developers will run on Apple, Android, Windows 10 and web, so developer time is maximised! That’s how we’re setting a new standard for coding efficiency.

Faster on iOS and Android

Your apps will run faster than ever on iOS and Android. We got rid of the loading screens that would interrupt app navigation, so your users’ app browsing experience will be quick and seamless.

Speed and security improvements

We’ve acquired a new, faster global network of servers so the Fliplet Studio and your apps will load faster and at optimal speeds anywhere in the planet.

From now on you will also be able to choose where in the world your data is stored, either the EU or the USA with new regions added based on demand.

And, as always, in regards to data security, we have ISO27001 and HIPAA compliance available.

We know that these changes, though exciting and revolutionary, will raise some questions, so we prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you can visit for additional information.

Ready to try Fliplet 2?

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