5 Reasons Why Law Firms Need a Mobile App Strategy

A few years ago, talk of mobile strategy started permeating marketing blogs and consultancy reports. They urged the enterprise to adopt mobile as soon as possible because something big was brewing.

But law firms are slow to adopt new technologies, and most waited things out in case mobile was just another fad, just like keyword stuffing or viral videos.

Some other law firms, however, had been on the prowl for an opportunity like this. Take Bird & Bird as an example. This tech law firm was one of the first to adopt the internet back in the 1990s, launching their first website in 1995.

So when mobile started making its way into the market, they were quick to spot the trend. Mobiles and tablets were made available to all partners, a mobile distribution management (MDM) platform was installed, and they started implementing their first mobility strategy throughout the organization.

But when they wanted to take things further and publish apps, they came across a market limitation — the high cost and low availability of mobile developers and the encumbrance of digital agencies. They pushed through that (until they found Fliplet) because they knew they couldn’t miss out.

We’ve identified five key reasons why your law firm simply cannot afford to go without a mobile strategy either.

1. It’s now an industry norm

law firms mobile app strategy

App adoption amongst law firms is ramping up, but mastering the channel takes time and sharpening the messages takes even longer.

Early adopter law firms are already well on their way to learning how to use the channels effectively by inspiring their staff to think of apps as a potential solution to everyday questions.

Laggards will have a harder time trying to catch up with the added pressure of clients pushing them to compete with every other law firm who’s providing mobile value (for more on this, see point 4).

2. They’re the perfect channel for some content (that you already have!)

law firms mobile app strategy

Event agendas, guidebooks, law comparison charts, calculators, graduate recruitment tools, client training tools, trainee feedback, and more.

These are the materials that law firms work with on an everyday basis that would find a perfect home in a mobile app format. Contrary to what some might think, you don’t need to come up with a fancy idea of what your apps will do, those ideas are already all around you.

3. They provide unique marketing opportunities

law firms mobile app strategy

When you’re doing content marketing there are rare opportunities to stand out without spending a fortune. Apps can be a low-cost way of creating an experience layer on the content you’re already producing.

Say you’re creating a round-up on “(Sector) Law in 2016” with a checklist of things to look out for in the next year. You could put it all in a PDF and post it on the website, but you could also create an interactive, enduring experience through an app.

What’s more, it wouldn’t take up additional resources – it’s the same content, just repurposed to stand out.

4. Your clients have an expectation

Law firms, like many other professional services, are going through a bit of a commoditization transformation; clients expect more for less, and differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult.

In-house counsel and other clients will come to you and say “my other law firm gave me this (pointing to an app on their phone), where’s yours?”.

If you don’t have a response that they expected, they won’t be impressed. And no, “we do that by email” or “I’ll send you a PDF” will not be what they were expecting to hear.

5. Apps will give you a client service advantage (plus, you’ll stop overusing email)

Lawyers are amongst the best email users in the world. But because of that, they probably have the most cluttered inboxes and outboxes.

It’s hard to keep track of things, so imagine what it feels like to your in-house counsel clients when they receive yet another email from you with a content update.

Not surprisingly, this is one of the ways in which law firms are using mobile apps – they are creating client-specific apps where all relevant case updates get sent, available to the client at any time without needing to browse through a sea of emails.

Something urgent to say? Send a push notification. And that’s just one way in which client service can be improved by apps.

Start creating your law firms mobile app strategy today

We recently outlined the importance of businesses integrating mobile technology, and this could not be more so the case for the legal industry.

Law firms need a mobile app strategy that not only works effectively, but that offers a solution to their client’s needs and meets their expectations.

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Not only is it now an industry norm, but your competitors have already started utilising their mobile app strategies as a means of creating unique marketing opportunities.

Find out how we’re working with some of the world’s most innovative law firms to ensure they can create exactly what they need.

Do you have questions about how apps can help your law firm? Contact us and one of our mobility experts will be in touch.