Our Top 5 Ideas for Christmas and End-Of-Year Mobile Apps 2016

With Christmas and the end of the year fast approaching, you and your team are probably in a rush to get a lot done in very little time. If you’re struggling to piece everything together look no further than enlisting the help of some well-crafted mobile apps!

An app just for the season?

Research has shown time and time again that enterprise apps are a key driver of competitive advantage: they help enterprises communicate better and be more productive. And when you have an unlimited app-publishing solution like Fliplet you can leverage that power even in time-limited situations such as the festive season.

Check out our top five ideas for apps that will make Christmas and the end of the year period a breeze:

Christmas Enterprise Apps

1. Christmas party app

Does your company run an internal Christmas party? If so, you’re probably aware of the huge amounts of logistics that go behind keeping everyone informed. A Christmas Party app would allow you to:

  • Run a poll for employees to choose between venues
  • Provide everyone with a fun invite, directions, interactive map, menu, dress code and all the other details
  • Push notifications with reminders
  • Collect dietary requirements
  • Collect raffle submissions or allow people to participate in Christmas competitions
  • Collect song requests for the DJ in real time
  • Allow people to share their party photos through a photo upload feature
  • Collect feedback after the event

2. Secret Santa app

Another Christmas activity that an app could be useful for is Secret Santa. Create an app to automatically and randomly assign gift receivers to each employee and add fun features such as:

  • Mini-bios for each Secret Santa participant
  • A gift wishlist for each participant
  • Push notification reminders

3. Advent calendar app

It’s all too common for enterprises to spend a lot of time and resources in an uninspiring email Christmas card for employees. Even videos and animations feel dated and not really all that special anymore. If you want to go for something different that will cost the company a lot less time and effort, our suggestion is an Advent Calendar app.

Amongst the endless possibilities for fun and engaging content, you could:

  • Incorporate a new fun fact about the company/team for every day in the calendar
  • Add/link videos or animations to remind staff about the last year’s successes
  • Add links to social media to gain more internal advocates for the next year
  • List employee awards for employees who have gone above and beyond in the last year
  • List the years’ new joiners and upcoming joiners in the new year
  • Showcase achievements and funny moments
  • Collect charity donations

Christmas Enterprise Apps

4. 2016 end-of-year report app

Some businesses invest a lot in their annual reports, usually in the format of a PDF or a glossy brochure. 2016 would be the perfect year to make the move to a more tech-savvy, interactive format.

With an app, you can make the report-reading experience much more engaging and interactive, encouraging more employees and customers to understand the key messages. Additionally, people are more likely to provide feedback via an app than via email or other channels.

An app can do this by including a variety of features such as:

  • Multimedia, from video and audio to JavaScript animations and GIFs to make content more engaging.
  • Infographics and charts to help present data in more visual ways.
  • Interactive timelines to allow you to deliver company results and activity throughout the year in an engaging format.
  • Embedded documents to allow readers to access additional detailed information if they so desire.

5. Leave tracker app

This last app is a really simple one for a key task during the vacations. Spreadsheets, emails and the old Outlook calendar approach are always a fuss. An app can make this a lot simpler by offering employees an automated way of:

  • Checking office hours and vacations given
  • Submitting leave requests
  • Receiving push notifications to remind people to submit their leave details
  • Checking who’s in the office or working from home on any given day during the Christmas season
  • Having a one-touch emergency contact button in case of PR crises or other issues

Increase productivity around and during seasonal events

Christmas is not the only time of the year that you may find enterprise apps useful. If you’re planning any annual or internal event (including end-of-year) they can help your organization get the most from the occasion.

Creating agendas and organising events alongside your normal daily routine can hinder your team’s productivity. Likewise, annual retreats or events can affect how productive your employees are.

Apps will allow you to reduce the time it takes for you to a) create, arrange and manage your annual Christmas events, and b) inform employees about what they need to know, where they have to be and other details.

Improve the quality of employee feedback and reporting

The annual Christmas event can be the perfect time to get useful feedback from your employees or colleagues. However, reporting and analysing this data can be unnecessarily, and the quality of feedback you receive can often be hindered by a poorly constructed survey.

You can use a Christmas enterprise app to create quick and simple feedback forms that allow your employees to give their opinion on a series of questions. You can instantly generate reports on the feedback you receive, and based on your questions determine what employees were happy/unhappy with throughout the year.

Of course, you can use this same method to generate feedback on your actual Christmas event:

  • What did attendees find interesting?
  • What could have been improved on?
  • How can next year’s event be better?

How can you create a Christmas enterprise app?

The easiest way to create seasonal apps is via an app creating platform such as Fliplet, which means you won’t need developers or IT to build them yourself or via your team.