Our Top 10 Enterprise App Articles of 2016

Another year has come to an end, so we thought it was the perfect time to recap on the content we published on our enterprise app blog. We’ve listed our top 10 most popular articles from the last 12 months, which includes podcasts, infographics, and high-quality blogs covering a variety of industries and topics.

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10. How to Optimize Your Mobile Apps for Higher Search Engine Rankings

enterprise apps seo

Think there’s no connection between your mobile app and search engine optimization? Think again, because Google is changing that! We show you four key ways that app publishers make sure their apps rank highly on Google by improving their mobile app SEO through organic search. Full Article >>>

9. 3 Reasons Why Your Business Will Struggle Without Enterprise Apps

enterprise mobile apps

The number of companies using enterprise apps to perform tasks, simplify business processes and communicate with mobile workforces, is growing. It is now a necessity for your organization to use enterprise mobile apps, rather than an option. Not convinced? Check out these three reasons why your business is going to struggle in the near future without enterprise apps. Full Article >>>

8. Corporate Innovation With Anthony Catt and Samuel Knight [Podcast]

enterprise app podcast

It was a special (and popular) episode of the Fliplet podcast when we were joined by not one, but TWO guests! Anthony Catt, Managing Director at Oxygen Startups and Samuel Knight, Co-founder at Pollen8, joined our CEO Ian for a fascinating episode on corporate innovation. Full Article >>>

7. The 7 Essential Law Firm Apps That Your Company Should Use

enterprise law apps

Now is the time for law firms to embrace mobile apps to stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves from competitors. Read our full article to discover the benefits of enterprise apps, and what apps your law firms should be adopting. Full Article >>>

6. Why Your Business Should Use Internal Event Apps

With many organizations already effectively utilising mobile apps at conferences and events, it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in interest for internal event apps. Find out what internal event apps are, why your organization should use them, and how they can go about doing so in this article. Full Article >>>

5. What Makes a Great Internal Communications App?

internal communications app

If your organization has already adopted an internal communications app then you’ll be fully aware of the benefits. But what actually makes a great internal communications app? If you want more efficient workflows, faster access to information, and more productive employees then you’ll find this article insightful. Full Article >>>

4. 12 Essential Enterprise Mobile Apps Statistics [Infographic]

enterprise apps

Research suggests that enterprise mobile apps are now being adopted by more organizations than ever before. Check out our infographic detailing some of the most important enterprise mobile apps statistics from 2016. Full Article >>>

3. The Top 10 Enterprise Apps of 2016

top enterprise apps 2016

At Fliplet we keep a keen eye on what the enterprise launches and how they are contributing to the digital economy. We’ve collated our top 10 enterprise apps of 2016 below by picking our favorite in each of eight different categories associated with the most common business objectives – plus 2 bonus categories. Enjoy! Full Article >>>

2. Research Suggests Enterprise Mobile Apps Drive Competitive Advantage

enterprise mobile apps

Adobe recently released their 2016 enterprise mobile apps report, and the results make it quite clear that adopting apps within your enterprise is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. The report covered a range of important topics surrounding enterprise mobile apps, so we compiled a brief summary to bring you up to speed with the key findings. Full Article >>>

1. Mobile Statistics 2016: Why You Need to Pay Attention to Mobile

enterprise apps

Mobile will not affect your company in the future; mobile is already affecting your company. Your employees and customers are already using mobile more than you know to engage with work resources and with your company. Our report from earlier in 2016 demonstrates the current and future impact mobile technology will have on companies, both internally with employees, and externally with customers. Full Article >>>

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