Optimising Your Sales Process With Simon McCann of Alteryx [Podcast]

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It’s episode #13 of the Fliplet podcast! We were joined by Simon McCann, Commercial Sales Manager at Alteryx, Inc to discuss…

‘Common mistakes companies make when they begin to ramp up sales’

Who is Simon McCann?

Simon currently manages a team of sales reps at the EMEA Alteryx office. The data analytics company has rapidly grown to a team of over 500 employees, which involved ramping up their sales process over a short period of time.

On top of a variety of commercial sales roles, Simon also has experience running his own businesses and comes from an entrepreneurial background.

How has Alteryx developed its sales process?

Alteryx uses a ‘land and expand’ model which Simon describes as fulfillling the sole objective of selling a small number of licenses into a target company. This process requires a very specific skillset (which Simon outlines later in the podcast) as sales reps will be focused on selling over 50 transactions a year, as opposed to standard enterprise model where that number might be one or two per year.

How does Simon determine which sales reps are right for land and expand model?

With an emphasis being placed on an ability to ‘learn and adapt’, Simon is looking for someone who is prepared to be introduced to new sales techniques. This often means that someone with a couple of years experience and a willingness to learn will be better suited to the team than someone with 10+ years experience.

How are new sales reps brought up to speed?

Bearing in mind that for Alteryx, Simon suggests a typical sales cycle is 6 weeks, which is the same length of time it should take a new rep to get up to speed with the sales process once they join. He believes the following are key to ensuring this is achieved:

  • Documentation
  • Playbooks
  • CRM learning and development

Using the See-Try-Buy model

The see-try-buy model that Alteryx apply to their sales process encompasses the following steps:

  • An initial demo is given to engaged prospects to introduce the product.
  • A free trial is offered with online training sessions delivered by an Alteryx Solution Engineer.
  • An initial purchase of 1 – 3 Designers is positioned to allow the company to get up and running as easily as possible and explore how the platform fits the wider needs of the organization.

How to create an aligned message throughout your organization

Simon believes that it is the responsibility of the entire organization to ensure that the sales process is working effectively. This means that other departments have to work to create an aligned message with marketing, product, and technical pre-sales teams.

Additionally, to ensure that this is the case with new employees, fresh sales reps should hold the following key skills:

  • Proactiveness – an attitude of “how can I generate as much as business as possible in the shortest period of time” will help new reps get into sync with the organization.
  • Process – All new reps must have the capacity to deploy and implement their own processes that align with the organizations end goals and targets.
  • Purpose – New reps should recognize their role within the organization and know exactly why they fit in where they do.

Lastly, Simon points out three key things to remember when you’re considering ramping up your sales team:

  • Ensure the business is aligned to the same sales model
  • Make it clear to the rep and organization exactly what is expected of them at each stage of the process
  • Hone the right people and right reps to deliver the process as efficiently as possible.

Have you recently ramped up your sales process? What would you do differently?

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