Product Update: Fliplet Features and Upgrades of 2016

2016 was an exciting year at Fliplet, no less because we began working on our best product yet, Fliplet V2. But it wasn’t just V2 that was new: so were our 11 new team members (we doubled the team!) and the 35,000+ app users we added during the year (wahoo!)

And while all of that was happening, our team of genius developers kept working non-stop to bring you an incredible range of great upgrades and features. We’re listing them out so you can see them all at a glance (and perhaps get inspired to use some of them for your next app!)

App Creation Experience

Fliplet V1

App sharing

Share your apps with colleagues in one click, just enter their email address on Fliplet Studio and it’ll do the rest, including sending them an invite with a link and giving them the right level of access (view only or edit).”

Fliplet V2

In-Line App Editing

On the original version of Fliplet Studio, you had to click on a component in order to edit it, which opened a little editorial overlay. Now you can edit most components of your app straight on the screen with one click.

Drag and Drop Components

Beautifully simple: Click on the feature or component you want on your app, drag it to where you want it on the screen, and that’s it! Creating apps has never been this simple or fun.

Full bootstrap app interface

Fliplet V2 lets you take customization to the limit through the global HTML language Bootstrap. It’s easy to learn and hugely popular, which means you’ll be able to borrow features from all the Bootstrap resources available online. Your apps will always be fully responsive, regardless of screen dimensions.

File Manager

In Fliplet V1 each of your apps had their own little media library, which meant you couldn’t share resources between apps. Now you can! You can upload your brand resources, such as logos, images, brochures and databases, and they can then be shared between as many apps as required. As an added bonus to this feature, when you update a file in your global file manager, it is automatically and instantly updated in every app that uses that resource.

In-Studio App Preview and testing

You can now navigate your app straight on Fliplet Studio, on your desktop, with a full native experience. Great for testing your features before you go on to test on a mobile device.

Live Background Updates

Nobody likes waiting, so all our our apps now have instant updates! All updates you publish to your apps are silently and instantly transmitted to users.

The end of the “Optimising” screens

We removed the pesky “Optimising” screens you’d see when your app was loading. Luckily modern smartphones don’t require front-loading screens anymore so we did away with them. The result? Fast and smooth app journeys.

App Features

Advanced Directories

The original Fliplet allowed you to add directories – in the form of spreadsheets, databases and CSV files, for example – but you were limited in that you could only add text, numbers and web addresses.

We’ve hugely expanded this feature and now you can add custom fields into your directories, teach your directories to update themselves based on user input, and much more. Clients are already making the most of this in feedback forms, filterable video libraries, staff directories, company dashboards and much more.


Adds slick sliders to your apps! They’re especially perfect for showing and explaining your app’s features when a user first downloads it, but you can use them for anything else you like. In the example below, we used them to talk about this sample company’s values.


If your company is truly going mobile-first, you probably have a good handful of apps (our latest user report says our average user has 10.6 apps, actually!) – so how do you manage all of them? Portals! Last year we brought you the ability to create your company’s very own app store- a central app where your employees can see all the apps that are relevant to them.

Speed and technical optimizations

The Great Speed Upgrade

Fliplet Studio is now hosted on super-fast Amazon Web Services dedicated servers in Europe and the United States. Because of that and the brand new tech stack introduced with the Fliplet V2 platform, both our Studio platform and the mobile apps created with it are exponentially faster than they were last year.

We also utilise advanced delivery technology so if you’re a European customer with lots of Asian users, we will automatically, securely and temporarily move common files to a server closer to them. Once load in that region decreases, these files are automatically deleted giving users a speed boost and retaining customers data security.

Big Data everywhere

Big Data is a trend that’s driving increasingly larger data requirements on many if not all companies. With that in mind, Fliplet now allows you to analyze large (and we mean large) quantities of data from your databases on your app or on our server. This comes in quite handy when you create data dashboards, directories, event agendas and many other things.


Integrations are now a cinch thanks to our brand new suite of RESTful APIs. All of Fliplet’s APIs are publicly available and can be used securely by customers who grant permission to do so. Our APIs enable rapid connection of existing data sources, systems or features into Fliplet apps. Clients have been plugging in their CRMs, document management systems and other things.

Developer command-line interface (CLI) environment

Technically savvy? Use the Fliplet CLI environment and documentation to quickly create, test and deploy Fliplet features. You can even build new features and test them on your computer without being online! Say you always wanted a component you saw elsewhere, now you can create it yourself without any help from us and save it for future use as well. You’ll need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the most of this feature.

Coming soon, you’ll also be able to also create your screen layouts and app themes!

Connected apps and resources

Our new global databases allow you to read & write data from multiple apps in one or multiple places. If you use them alongside our new APIs, you can integrate your data across your Fliplet apps, platforms and third-party software. This means you can now create a suite of apps that talk to each other and read data from the same places.


Enhanced Email Verification

Joining our already rich authentication options (login-and-password, pin code and fingerprint-based authentication) last year we also brought you email and domain verification based authentication.

It’s the most intuitive solution when you want to make sure that only the right people can access your app: you just need to put authorized email addresses and/or authorized domains ( into Fliplet and we take care of the rest.

When your users open your app, they will be asked to enter their email address. If they are in the approved list, they’ll be sent a verification code to their inbox. They can enter that verification code into the app to gain access. The database of emails can be live so adding or removing access is super quick and easy, and users whose access has been revoked (for example, if they leave the company) will not be able to see the app anymore.

Profile creation

Users can now configure their own accounts by creating a profile for themselves with their information (and even add a photo). This has been really convenient for event apps because it saves the event organizers having to upload all attendee data ahead of time, which would be very difficult for events with thousands of guests.

File & Data Encryption – HIIPA Compliant

Fliplet securely stores and manages all files and data. If you need extra protection, your files and data can be securely stored using industry standard AES256 encryption. For example, your files or data can be encrypted with a unique encryption key specific to your app or your account.

Live Polling and Live Results

Create interactive event experiences with our live polls and forms. You can choose whether just admin users can see the results or if everyone with the app can see them too, and the results are updated in real time based on the incoming answers.

This is also a great internal communications feature: have your company help decide the venue for your next annual event or choose which food should be added to the canteen menu, for example. It makes gathering feedback a walk in the park.

Live Data Reporting

Fantastic for collaboration: this feature means you can put forms and other data collectors in your app and other users in the app can see their data too. A common example that many of our clients love is being able to see the feedback users are leaving for an event session or speaker live on an event dashboard app instantly as the feedback comes in – but we’ve barely scratched the surface with the potential in this feature. How would you use it?

Web Apps

This feature is groundbreaking. You can now embed apps into your website and access them on desktops. This feature is quite new, but we’ve seen clients take advantage of it to advertise and show off their mobile apps, to extend the reach of their mobile apps, to create web apps that are complementary to mobile apps (for example, a web-based registration app that complements an event mobile app) and more! It’s really quite simple to do as well, check out our article to learn more.

Dynamic directory data upload

Create event agendas, contact directories or office directories from the spreadsheets you already have- just upload, select the relevant fields and voila, Fliplet will create a directory with a detailed list of items, plus powerful search and filters to help users find what they’re interested in quickly.

Coming soon for Fliplet V2


Add personal and group chat to any of your apps.

Updated app templates

Brand new, slick and gorgeous app templates – your most popular apps, pre-built and ready to brand and modify for your company.