5 Enterprise App Features to Boost Employee Engagement

Enterprise apps have helped global organizations provide their employees with the right tools to improve communication and increase efficiency. Rather than having employees isolated by geographical distance or by different job roles, enterprise apps have ensured staff maintain a holistic view of the company. They’re an ideal way for organizations of all sizes to boost employee engagement.

Mobile enterprise apps are a much better way of helping on-the-go staff stay connected and updated, share work, and make use of time that could be lost. Our CEO Ian Broom points out that having a platform that can easily be remotely connected to means time spent traveling for meetings won’t be dead time.

“Often those traveling are well paid senior people that gain the most from efficient access to the intranet, without access out of the office [this] increases their amount of admin when they are in the office,” Ian says.  

Do the app features you use affect employee engagement?

But your app is only valuable if your staff are using all of its features to their fullest. Benny Oberlender, VP at Puzzlehead design and UX consultancy, says in order to engage users with your enterprise app, you need to understand how your staff are using it, which features they use most, and why.

“In addition [to] being simple, easy and fun to use, it should anticipate my needs and add value in new ways I didn’t expect,” Oberlender says.

He also recommends your app be clear and user-friendly – “The visual design of the app affects the level of trust in the system and raises the degree of pleasure that users get from it over time.”

However, what happens if your employees aren’t engaging with your internal enterprise apps?

You could be missing some key (or optional) features that will save time, effort, and allow colleagues to engage with sections of the organization they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to.

Here are Fliplet’s top five enterprise app features that will help colleagues connect with each other by engaging with your apps on a more regular and meaningful basis.

1. Messaging and chat

Chat or instant messaging has become popular throughout organizations due to the features offering a smoother method of communication than email:

  • Allows employees to connect faster, share information and increase efficiency
  • Chat conversations are clearer and easier to review
  • Solve engagement issues that can stunt business growth
  • Helps all employees engage in the organization and communication on a daily basis

What’s more, messaging features is also a plus for security – sensitive and confidential information can be shared without the fear of emails going astray. Chat features excel by enabling group conversations without the risk of someone forgetting to click ‘Reply all’.

Instant messaging can also have more specific campaign functions for projects or teams. For example, if you’re arranging a retreat it can be the perfect way of organising things with people who work remotely.

2. Content sharing

Help staff connect with each other by providing a content sharing feature in your mobile enterprise app. You can make company reports from multiple departments available, so staff can engage with the work of colleagues across the board, giving them a broader understanding of what your business is producing.

Staff working together on a project can also easily share documents or data by having everything available in one easily accessible location – no more trawling through the intranet looking for folders! The Mobile House was able to reduce their report production time by 50 percent in just four weeks using Fliplet.

You can also increase engagement by instantly sharing training updates and other company news and information. Push notifications come into play here as well – they are perfect for deadlines, emergency or crisis management by prompting colleagues to engage with content or updates.

employee engagement

3. Business news and updates

Supply employees with relevant department news and updates regarding their department, colleagues and the whole organization. Encourage employees to engage with organization-wide projects and other activities.

Premier Oil used Fliplet to develop a crisis management app to provide employees with direct access to critical information, should it be required. Their app automatically puts the latest emergency contact information into their staff’s Apple devices. Having this app means staff are never more than two taps away from the Corporate Crisis management team.

With Fliplet, you won’t need to replicate the news in your app because you can connect Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds, which will automatically generate content and updates. RSS compiles and delivers regularly changing online content from across sites or blogs and other news sources.

4. Contact directory

With Fliplet you can build a company contact directory to help connect employees. Need to contact someone in sales, but can’t remember their name? Your directory can help staff remember colleagues’ faces, names, departments and roles ahead of meetings or when they need to ask advice or assistance.

You can also easily find colleagues by searching for specific skills or looking for a specific department. Do you have a pitch meeting with an international company and need someone to translate Japanese? Everyone’s capabilities can be listed in their profile, so just search “Japanese” and you’ll be connected.

You’ll be saving staff time seeking out your directory by including it in your enterprise app, and the whole company will be at their fingertips.

5. Comment, react, share

A picture can be worth a thousand words – no wonder everyone loves a good emoji. Give employees the ability to engage with company communications the same way they do with their personal social media. Staff can support each other by reacting to internal blogs, photos, and announcements with a “thumbs up”, a comment of congratulations, or a dancing lady emoji.

These aspects can be particularly important for staff who are on the road or working remotely. Posting makes us feel connected, allows us to develop and maintain connections, and let others know what’s important or interesting to us. With comments, reactions and shares, staff can engage with their colleagues in a casual and friendly fashion.

employee engagement

So how can you improve engagement with your best app features?

If you’ve made the wise decision to develop an enterprise app you can take these five key features into consideration. Not only will they improve employee engagement, but they’ll also ensure your app retains users and adds real value to your organization.

A properly utilised enterprise app will have your staff working more efficiently and ‘app-ier’ than ever before, and that will definitely be worth an *applause emoji*. 

In summary, the key takeaways from the article are:

  • Ensure your enterprise app has features that staff will want to engage with – it’s all about interaction and sharing
  • Include messaging features, file and content sharing, enable feedback, use your app to provide news and updates, and create a usable staff directory
  • Mobile enterprise apps are far superior for on-the-go staff than the intranet
  • Harness potential dead time by allowing staff to connect while they’re out of office

You can check out our App Gallery for examples of apps that have been created using the Fliplet platform as well inspiration for how you might be able to optimize your own app.