The Ultimate Suite of Mobile Apps for the Legal Industry

At Fliplet, we’ve been working closely with some of the world’s leading law firms for the last 5 years.

In that time, we have learnt about the legal industry’s key challenges and helped create solutions that enable innovation and better client service. 

That’s why Fliplet is developing several ready-built app templates specifically tailored to meet some of the most popular law firm needs: truly, the ultimate suite of mobile apps for the legal industry.

Below you’ll find the key reasons why you want to consider these apps for your firm as well, accompanied by articles based on hundreds of hours of research into best practices in law firm mobile initiatives.

Content marketing: Promotion and thought leadership apps


It’s possible to differentiate your firm from competitors using specific apps, in this case reference apps. Incorporate the following to enhance your content marketing efforts through a new medium:

  • Cross-linked screens and menus
  • Perfect for regulatory comparison across countries
  • Video library compatible
  • Share regulatory news, notifications, best practices and checklists
In the 2017 State of Mobile in Law Firms report we found that one quarter of all apps created by law firms are reference apps, created using existing firm knowledge. We detailed our learnings, with examples, in the article “How law firms are helping clients navigate laws between jurisdictions“.

Communications: Internal communications and news


Keeping your firm engaged wherever they are in the world, especially outside of the office has never been easier. Update employees on company news and updates relating to their respective departments.

  • Put important updates in your firm’s pockets
  • Add emergency information and send push notifications if needed
  • Offline and remote access to news
  • Allow staff to customize the news they see (by sector, practice, country and more)
In the 2017 State of Mobile in Law Firms report we found that internal communications apps are experiencing a boom. See below some of the most popular kinds of internal comms apps:

On-boarding and training: More engaging learning experiences on the go


Adding training and on-boarding apps will help all parts of the firm work on their development. Not only will employees be able to learn when they’re on-the-go, but the entire learn and development experience will be more engaging and fulfillling.

  • Help new joiners understand the firm’s vision, policies and capabilities
  • Create engaging quizzes, polls and surveys
  • Track and monitor performance
  • Aid learning with podcasts, videos and other interactive features
For examples about how training apps can be used and their functionality, view our Training & HR App Gallery.

Client Support: Keep key clients up to date


Supporting your clients with up-to-date and relevant information in crucial. Like everyone else, your clients can easily be overwhelmed by emails; why not keep all their key information in an app they can access when it’s most convenient for them?

  • Post the latest developments in your clients’ cases, broadcast news and invite them to events
  • Brand the app to fit your client: infinite customization options
  • Easy to create and send updates
  • Push notifications available
    • Send push notifications to all or some app users quickly and easily
    • Full control over when and how the notifications appear
In the State of Mobile in Law Firms Report for 2017 we found that 10% of law firm mobile apps are for client support. To see examples of these apps and our recommendations, read “Key Client and Client Support Apps: What You Need To Know

Events: Seminars, Retreats and everything else


Event apps were the most popular app type created on 2016 and it’s not difficult to see why. They’re an incredibly effective means of informing event attendees about key information. They’re also a useful mechanism that law firms can use to push content to users before, during and after the actual event is held.

  • Interactive agendas
  • Speaker bios, venue info, maps, presentations, polls, surveys – all the event essentials!
  • Social and chat features for your larger events
In the State of Mobile in Law Firms Report for 2017 we found that over half of law firm apps were designed for internal apps . To see some examples of innovative uses of internal event apps, see “Why Your Business Should Use Internal Event Apps.”

Contact Directories


Chances are your company’s list of staff has grown and changed in the past few years. Maybe you’ve extended your operations overseas and now you have a sprawling employee base that extends across several continents.

With a contact directory app you can keep all fee earners and support staff connected:

  • All of the firm’s contacts’ details just two taps away
  • Search and filter by department, office, skills, languages spoken and much more
  • Keep it updated by integrating with your intranet’s people portal or other sources
  • Add extra features to enable collaboration: chat, email, social and more
To learn more, see our article “13 Features You Should Have In Your Contact Directory App

Crisis Management

Crisis Management Apps

Help your clients keep you close when they need you most – perfect for antitrust dawn raids, corporate emergencies, and more:

  • Emergency reaction guidance
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
  • FAQs and preparation aids
As of May 2017, there were over a dozen Dawn Raid mobile apps on the app stores. To read more about them, see our article: “It’s High Noon For Dawn Raid Apps: Why Top Law Firms Are Jumping on Crisis Response Apps

Pitching support


Showcase your firm’s love for technology and create a unique pitch experience:

  • Take prospective clients through an engaging journey with your pitch
  • Add expanding sections, slideshows, lists, graphs, videos, tables and more
  • Analyze: see exactly which app screens kept your audience most engaged
To view examples of pitching and sales app, check out our Sales & Pitching App Gallery.

How to get started creating your suite of mobile apps

Creating any of these apps will take literally a matter of minutes when you use Fliplet Studio.

  • Your app will work in Apple, Android and Windows 10 devices of all screen sizes
  • Hands-off publishing to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Need to update the app once it’s live? No problem. Updates are pushed in real time from Fliplet Studio, bypassing the app store process
  • Compatible with enterprise app stores

Find out more about our Fliplet Studio platform here.