Why your company should have a Hackathon

In case you were wondering, this does not mean you spend the day trying to hack your company.

Last week at Fliplet, we participated in our very first Hackathon. A day designed to encourage team building and innovation. We had heard about a Hackathon from other technology companies but they often only included developers.

After some further digging, we realised that many companies organize ‘innovation days’ to stimulate brand new ideas and breach comfort zones.

If your office could do with a day of team building or a revitalisation of their creativity, we would advise you to bring a Hackathon to your company.

What is a Hackathon?

Your team has one day to produce a brand new idea. At the end of the day, they present the idea to a panel of judges who will then choose a winner. Add some pizza for lunch and prizes for the winners and you will have a Hackathon!

Leading up to the Hackathon

A few weeks before Hackathon, we were asked to come up with some preliminary ideas. As an app building company, most of the ideas were for brand new apps that would either help our clients or our internal processes. We kept in mind that the winner of the Hackathon will have their app launched.

We then assigned ourselves to a particular team. To ensure that we branched out of our departments, there was only one person per department on each team.

So our teams were set, our ideas in beginning stages. Only a week to go.

Our CEO, Ian Broom, had one piece of advice for us the week before, “cheating is allowed, and encouraged!”

Our Ideas

Team A

Office registration, notification, management and reporting app

  • This app streamlines guest registration
  • Receive a text when your client has arrived for a meeting
  • App measures how many guests are in the building in case of fire

Team B

Feature onboarding app

  • Learn about all the features Fliplet has to offer and win points!
  • Each screen shows a new feature, once you have used it successfully you are rewarded

Team C

Summary daily email and statistics app

  • An internal email “newsletter” which you can subscribe to.
  • Every morning, you’ll automatically receive a summary of what happened in Fliplet the previous day, and some summaries of the current week/month.
  • An automatically updated app with the latest statistics from each department

Team D

Project management checklist

  • System for our internal software that onboards clients step-by-step
  • Presents information to clients at their own stage
  • Personalised client journey that is easily updated

We had a great day…

The winner is…

Team A!

Their fabulous registration app inspired the judges as it improves processes for both the client and internally.

It is a strong internal app use case that every office could use. It also engages all visitors and all employees with Fliplet’s technology via the registration or host profile apps. Some of our clients were so impressed, they have asked to build one themselves!


Here is a tiny snapshot of their app…

Hackathon benefits

  1. Everyone had a chance to work with people they do not work with usually
  2. Ideas that improved our company internally and externally
  3. Increased our knowledge of our product/service
  4. Time to review our product from a user’s perspective

Should your business have a Hackathon?

Our very first Hackathon was a resounding success. If your business is looking for a way to stimulate innovation or simply encourage team building, we recommend this method.

If you would like to use Fliplet as a tool, we are happy to come to your offices and run the Hackathon for you. Please contact us to set this up.

If you were inspired by some of our app ideas, start building no-code apps with Fliplet. Our experts will walk you through the platform once you’ve registered. Click on the button below.

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