Our guide to launching and promoting your external apps

Recently, one of our customers launched an external app with our step-by-step guide. They had 2000 downloads in their first week alone!

Many of our clients do not have a set process in place to launch their apps nor the time or resources to actively promote it.

One thing our clients are sure of, is the public demand for their company apps. They recognize that mobile technology is available anywhere. Say goodbye to computers chaining you to your desks and hello to accessing work on the go.

Our launch strategy has become a huge success, and we want to share it with the world!

Here is a brief summary.

Step-by-Step App Launch Guide

1. Test it out

So you have built your app, it looks great and functions well. Time to launch!

Before it enters the public realm, the first step you must take is to test it internally. Select a random sample of around 10 employees and ask them to download the app. Make sure they try every button, widget, scroll feature to check the functionality.

Feedback is key at this stage. Devise a feedback form for the sample group to fill out and take their comments on board. Only release the app when all the final criticisms and kinks are sorted to ensure the best user experience.

We have many ideas on the types of feedback questions you should ask. Here are some examples…

    Is there any part of the app you find difficult to navigate?

    Do you find the app useful in improving the efficiency of your daily tasks?

    Is the app aesthetically attractive?

For a more detailed insight into feedback questions for your app, contact us here!

2. Evaluate the channels you want to use

There is a multitude of channels you can use to spread the word about your external facing app. We recommend evaluating who your target audience is, and which channels they often use.

For example, imagine your dawn raid app, targeted specifically at your clients, is ready to launch. You know your clients primarily use Linkedin and Twitter as well as industry-specific journals. These are the channels you should focus on when launching your app.

Many companies use social media to publicise their apps. Bird & Bird for example, use Twitter to share their Judgment Day app.


Once you have decided on your channels, consider how many adverts you would like to publish (think about the resources you have), what they should say and when they should be released. If your marketing team needs some assistance, Fliplet’s mobility experts are here to help.

3. Email Campaigns

One channel we particularly recommend is email marketing. Companies always send out mass emails advertising something. As long as your campaign is in line with GDPR, you are good to go. We have a few tips to stand out from the crowd.

  • Focus on USP’s

One benefit our clients constantly refer to is the fact that mobile technology can follow you anywhere. Apps can be used in client meetings at the touch of a button. This allows companies to spend more time with clients without compromising on the information they have access to outside of the office.

Ultimately, apps supplement your ability to provide a better service to customers. From cutting time spent on low value admin work to aiding client interactions, these are the key points to focus on in your email campaigns.

Would you like to see/use our email template? Visit this link:

  • Special Offers

To increase the number of downloads, adding special incentives to your emails encourages participation.

In the past, we have advised offering a reward for the first 300 people to download the app. This generates a need to download the app and has vastly resulted in more downloads.

Fliplet can also help you make a ten-second teaser of your app to send out to your prospective audiences. Find out more!

Top Tip: Some of our other clients have encouraged customers to find a certain piece of information only available on the app.

  • Timing

This specifically refers to event apps or seasonal apps like Christmas apps. With a strong marketing build-up and timing considerations, your app downloads will take off!

At Fliplet, we release an annual Christmas app instead of sending out traditional Christmas cards. It is completely free and shows users how amazing your apps could look. This unique and very timely launch triggered over 4,000 downloads last year! Is your office organising a secret santa? Stay tuned for this year’s release.

For more information on how to make your app stick, click here.

4. Publish online

Let’s face it. Potential app users do not have the time to go digging for your app. If it is not easily accessible, they will give up pretty quickly.

Don’t let this happen! Make your app as available as possible. The first step is to publish the app on your website. Imagine you were a customer visiting the company website for the first time. How many steps did you have to go through before you are faced with the app? Make the journey as easy as can be.

Pin the app to social media sites, upload a tutorial and demos to YouTube or reach out to online journals with beautiful screenshots. Draw in more downloads through your app’s aesthetic and accessible value.

There are plenty of other ways to promote your app aside from online. Our clients have used word of mouth, paid adverts, banners at events or workspaces and many more. Fliplet can take your app further either online through code or through alternative methods.

If you would like to brainstorm with us, please contact us!


5. Measure app success

Once your app is out there, it is important to have some measure of success. Using platforms like Google Analytics or Mixpanel help capture app data.

Our customers prefer these platforms to find out how many active users are playing with their app and which pages they are visiting the most. You can also find out the number of app downloads and which channels are working most effectively.

We have hundreds of helpful guides to these platforms here.

Done! Your apps are on the road to success!

We have provided a brief overview of our guide to launching and promoting your external apps. If you would like a detailed insight, contact us.

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