How to convince your boss to go mobile

If you are spearheading the drive for innovation in your company, it can sometimes feel like an olympic hurdling event. You need to keep moving to stay on top, but there are many obstacles to overcome. Convincing your boss can be one of the largest hurdles.

Upper management often have higher priorities than taking the time to look into mobile technology. This means that they may be unaware of the potential benefits.

We have some top tips on how to convince your boss that their life and their company would be better off with mobile, and more specifically, mobile apps.

Present a well-researched argument

Shop around. Find the best app solution. If you know your boss could do with multiple apps without coding, Fliplet may be the answer for you. If you have the resources to involve tech-savvy developers on a per app basis, prepare software comparisons.

Think about the current state of mobile in your company. Are existing platforms good but underused? Or is a larger change needed to increase your mobile maturity? Make sure you show your boss you know exactly what the next steps should be and why.

Accompany your research with proven statistics. This will show your boss that what you are proposing is important and promising.

We are always up to date with the latest data. Here are some examples of quick facts to include in your proposal:

  • 61% of organizations believe that if a company hasn’t deployed any enterprise mobile apps yet, they’re at a competitive disadvantage
  • 51% of all digital ad budgets in 2016 were spent on mobile.
  • Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.

Focus on the business value

Depending on your business structure, your boss may have higher people to answer to and large goals to achieve. They need to be reassured that investing time and resources into app technology will generate a certain level of ROI. Luckily, apps in the past few years have proven their worth.

According to Adobe’s latest report, the three largest advantages of mobile apps are increased productivity, better communication and reduced costs. These are the most common areas in which your apps can provide business value.

For more information on the business value in apps, check out our article!

Cut straight to the point when pitching to your boss. Outline the reasons you need the technology and the direct benefits they will obtain. This way, there will be no reason they could turn you down!

Go Visual

At Fliplet, we make sure all of our pitches have visual elements. This puts an image in your boss’s mind connecting them to the project. A hands-on experience is often more memorable than verbal arguments.

Showing them the product in an efficient and concise manner will increase their engagement by up to 30%! We have a variety of different tools. From introduction videos to screenshots, you cannot go wrong. Fliplet has a plethora of apps for you to download, like our secret santa app, and let your boss navigate themselves.

To give you an example, here is a brand new 1-minute video introducing our company’s platform.

Anticipate follow-up questions

This links to a larger idea about understanding your boss’s perspective. If you know where they are coming from, you are more likely to understand what reservations or questions you may be asked.

Similarly to focussing on business value, show that you can specifically isolate benefits for them and their team. Think about what you would want to know as if you were the one being pitched to. Write down a few possible questions and draft answers.

Think about the downsides in general and pre-emptively offer solutions. This will show your diligence and knowledge of the product/service you have brought to them. Pay attention to further concerns that you did not anticipate and make sure to answer them as soon as possible.

Ultimately keep that line of communication open and respect your boss’s concerns. Fliplet’s mobile experts are experienced in handling the tough questions about mobile app adoption. If you would like to hear our thoughts, do drop us a line.

Run an innovation session

Let’s say you have managed to convince your boss to buy mobile app technology like Fliplet. Another obstacle you are now faced with is convincing your boss to adopt it!

Whether your company is having a hard time coming up with initial ideas or adopting existing ones, an innovation session will bolster passion and creativity.

Together with in-house training teams, Fliplet offers free innovation sessions. We would spend any time between 90 minutes to an entire day brainstorming with employees about potential app ideas. We then aim to assist their implementation and adoption. Our latest session led to apps with thousands of downloads.

If you would like more information on our innovation sessions, just ask!

Need help pitching?

We have plenty of resources to help you pitch mobile technology to your bosses. Whether you have Fliplet or not, our pitching strategy encourages any boss to jump on board.

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